J.Y. Park Leaves a Comment on Kim Sejeong's Cover of TWICE 'Alcohol-Free'

J.Y. Park drew attention after leaving a comment on Kim Sejeong's cover of TWICE's "Alcohol-Free."

On June 30, the former I.O.I member uploaded her own version of TWICE's latest summer song to her personal YouTube channel.

On July 16, J.Y. Park, who wrote TWICE's "Alcohol-Free," personally commented on Kim Sejeong's video.

J.Y. Park and Kim Sejeong
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J.Y. Park Comments on Kim Sejeong's Cover of TWICE Alcohol-Free

The video uploaded to Kim Sejeong's YouTube channel is a non-face-to-face studio version, with the female idol and musicians in different locations.

As of July 17, Sejeong's cover of TWICE's "Alcohol-Free" was viewed more than 260,000 times and has over 2,400 comments.

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One of the comments that caught everyone's attention is from J.Y. Park, who was the one who wrote, produced, and arranged "Alcohol-Free."

J.Y. Park
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J.Y. Park commented, "Wow, Sejeong-ah I love it so much, I keep listening to it! The musicians are really good, but you really sang well."

Fans who saw J.Y. Park's comment on Kim Sejeong's version of TWICE's "Alcohol-Free" flooded it with replies. Some are asking him to produce a song for the female idol and let her collaborate with Jihyo.

Kim Sejeong herself responded to J.Y. Park. She said that she thought if Park would leave a comment on her video, it would be funny.

Kim Sejeong
(Photo : Kim Sejeong Instagram)

The former I.O.I member added that after her family and Jihyo, J.Y. Park is the third to compliment her cover of TWICE's "Alcohol-Free."

Sejeong concluded that she will cover a lot of good songs in the future, so fans should look forward to it.

Kim Sejeong previously worked with J.Y. Park when I.O.I. was still active. Park gifted the project girl group the song "Very Very Very," which was chosen as the title track of the group's "Miss Me?" album.

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Toward the end of the video is a short interview where Kim Sejeong answered questions that are related to TWICE's "Alcohol-Free."

TWICE Taste of Love
(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

She was asked why she chose to cover "Alcohol-Free," and she answered that she loved the song right after listening to the demo. She continued that she wanted to do a cover of it to show her support and friendship to TWICE member Jihyo.

Kim Sejeong also revealed during the interview that she only had a short time to arrange her own rendition of TWICE's "Alcohol-Free," but she is glad it came out well.

Watch Kim Sejeong's full cover of TWICE's "Alcohol-Free" here!

Kim Sejeong's 2021 Song and Album so Far

On March 29, Sejeong made a solo comeback with her second mini-album, "I'm," which contains five tracks in total, including the title song "Warning." All of the songs included in the album were written by the female idol.

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"Warning," which Kim Sejeong co-wrote with featuring artist IllBOI, talks about giving yourself a rest when needed so that you can continue to walk forward.

Kim Sejeong
(Photo : Kim Sejeong Instagram)

In South Korea, Sejeong's "Warning" sold more than 7,600 copies at the time it was recently released.

On July 23, Sejeong is set to release a digital single titled "Baby I Love U," which is a remake of the song of the same name that is originally sung by Japanese singer TEE.

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