Former GFRIEND Member Umji Shares with Fans What She Has Been Doing Lately

Former GFRIEND member Umji recently communicated with the fans by answering their questions.

On May 22, GFRIEND's six-year exclusive contract with Source Music concluded. The members are now rarely active in the entertainment industry, and they update their Instagram accounts seldom.

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Since no new content related to former GFRIEND members was released, fans are curious about what they have been doing since leaving Source Music.

On July 19, GFRIEND's youngest member Umji took the time to answer fans' questions through her Instagram story.

Former GFRIEND Umji Tells Fans What She Has Been Up to Lately

One of the fans' questions that Umji answered is, "What have you been doing lately?"

Former GFRIEND member Umji said, "All I can say is, I had a good time with the air conditioner on."

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The "Rough" singer also shared that the past few days have been full of first-time experiences for her. "I have a lot of thoughts and I feel awkward to fit in," she continued.

Umji then reassured fans that she can settle down soon, so fans need not worry about her.

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The former GFRIEND member went on to say that she is learning numerous things about life as a 24-year-old, so she thinks this will be a memorable stage for her.

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Judging by her answer, it appears like former GFRIEND member Umji is spending her time enjoying herself and discovering new things while she is taking a break from the entertainment industry.

Umji is yet to sign an exclusive contract with a new agency to begin her career as a solo artist.

This past June, Umji spent time with fellow GFRIEND member Sowon, who visited her house. They enjoyed eating seafood with Umji's parents.

The "MAGO" singer has also been communicating with fans through her Instagram story since GFRIEND's disbandment.

Wishing the best for Umji's future career!

Umji Showcases Lyric-Writing Skills through GFRIEND's 2020 Albums

In 2020, Umji directly participated in GFRIEND's two albums. She is credited as a lyricist and composer of a few songs.

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In July, GFRIEND made a comeback with their ninth and final extended play, titled "Song of the Sirens." This EP comprises six songs including the title track "Apple."

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Among the B-side songs, two of them were co-written and co-composed by former GFRIEND member Umji, particularly "Eyes of the Storm" and "Tarot Cards."

GFRIEND's "Song of the Sirens" peaked at No. 3 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart and ranked seventh on the monthly rankings for July 2020.

Regarding music show wins, the six-member girl group took home three trophies for the album's title track "Apple."

In November, GFRIEND made their last comeback with their fourth and last studio album, "Walpurgis Night." A total of 11 songs are included in the album, including the title track "MAGO."

(Photo : Umji Instagram)

"MAGO" is one of the songs in the album that former GFRIEND member Umji co-wrote with her fellow members Yuju and Eunha and other lyricists.

Umji also participated in writing "Better Me" alongside Sowon - these two are also the ones who sang this song.

GFRIEND's last album, "Walpurgis Night," was chosen as one of the best albums in 2020 by numerous critics and publications.

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