China State Media Calls for Former EXO Kris to be Investigated Following Sexual Assault Allegations

[TW/CW: mentions of rape and sexual assault]

The China State Media demands an investigation concerning former EXO member Kris and his sexual assault allegations. Keep on reading for all the details.

China State Media Calls for Investigation Concerning Former EXO Kris and His Sexual Assault Allegations

According to Chinese state media, former EXO member Kris, who will be called Kris Wu from here on out, has gone beyond celebrity drama and has become a significant incident with public-interest implications.

As a result, Chinese politicians and entertainment industry associations say that celebrities deemed to be "immoral" should be banned for life.

Kris Wu
(Photo : Kris Instagram)

Earlier this month, Kris Wu was accused by 19-year-old Chinese influencer and student Du Meizhu of date-raping her when she was only 17 years old.

Du Meizhu claimed that the idol would push young girls to drink and, once they were drunk, would lure them to his bed and assault them without their consent.

Following the news, China's Central Television (CCTV) called for the creation of a better industry-wide mechanism that would force artists to improve their moral characters and raise the standards for becoming a star. They stated that being an artist is not just a profession but also taking up social responsibility

Kris Wu
(Photo : Kris Instagram)

As the Kris Wu situation continues to blow up, it has become more than celebrity gossip and is now an issue that requires comprehensive investigation by the relevant departments. The CCTV says that this must serve as a lesson to think about who deserves to be a star objectively.

China Association of Performing Arts, which the government backs, has stressed the importance of artists adhering to high moral starts. They stated that stars should be judged not only by online reports but based on facts. Artists who are found to be a bad influence will never be treated with a soft hand.

Previously, Kris Wu released a statement saying all the allegations against him were false and that if it were true, he would put himself in jail.

However, Du Meizhu has released further proof, such as a settlement agreement and sending money to her without her consent. Kris Wu has not responded to her latest posts.

(Photo : Kris Wu Weibo)

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Du Meizhu Accuses Kris Wu of Sexual Assault — Here are the Details

On July 8, Du Meizhu took to Weibo to accused Kris Wu of sexually assaulting her at age 17. She also alleged that the male idol would seduce underage girls using a separate WeChat number.

Though the account has since been deactivated, Du Meizhu has screenshots of conversations with the number.

Du Meizhu
(Photo : Du Meizhu Weibo)

Du Meizhu states that Kris Wu pursued underage girls born after 2000 or girls who are prepping for China's national college entrance exam. Kris Wu lures in girls by saying he is casting for a leading lady for his music or signing a new artist under his studio. He then invites them to hang out, play drinking games, then gets them drunk.

Once intoxicated, he allegedly rapes these young girls.

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Kris Wu has denied these claims, saying that he will be taking legal action against Du Meizu. However, the Chinese student clapped back, saying she too would be filing a case against the singer and would participate with authorities to uncover the truth.

Kris Wu
(Photo : Kris Wu Weibo)

Du Meizhu exposed Kris Wu's agency for trying to settle the issue out of court. They offered her 1 million RMB if she were to delete her posts, admit she was wrong, and express shame for spreading fake news. They also asked her not to incite others to accuse Kris Wu of sexual assault.

She replied she would require at least 2 million RMB and that if she were to delete her posts, that Kris Wu's studio should release a legal statement. She also stated she would not apologize.

Du Meizhu demanded that if she accepted, they do not reveal the deal they discussed and not hire any marketing accounts to slander her. If they were to break her terms, she would release all the evidence against Kris Wu.

Du Meizhu
(Photo : Du Meizhu Weibo)

She ultimately did not accept the settlement. After that, however, Du Meizhu exposed Kris Wu and his mother for sending her money without permission.

Du Meizhu
(Photo : Du Meizhu Weibo)

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