EXO D.O. 'Empathy' Setlist: Singer Releases Highlight Medley, DAY6 Jae Revealed to Have Co-Composed One Song

EXO D.O. has dropped the highlight medley for his first solo mini-album, "Empathy," giving snippets of the songs and revealing the composers including DAY6 Jae.

On July 23, the highlight medley for EXO D.O.'s "Empathy" was uploaded to EXO's YouTube channel. The video gives viewers a quick listen to the tracks included in the album.

EXO D.O. Empathy
(Photo : EXO Twitter)

EXO D.O. Releases Empathy Highlight Medley, DAY6 Jae Revealed to Be One of the Composers

Previously, it was announced that EXO D.O.'s solo album will contain a total of eight songs, including two bonus tracks.

D.O's "Empathy" highlight medley tells a short story while the male idol's songs are played as the music background.

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At the beginning of the video, EXO D.O.'s "Dad" was the first song to be played. "Dad" is one of the B-side songs from the singer's mini-album.

EXO D.O. Empathy
(Photo : EXO Twitter)

The music then transitions to another B-side track, entitled "I'm Fine." Based on the video, EXO D.O. participated in writing the lyrics for this work.

The next song played is "My Love." Among the composers of this track is a famous boy group member, and it is none other than DAY6 Jae, who uses the name eaJ for his solo works.

Another track included in EXO D.O.'s "Empathy" album is titled "I'm Gonna Love You" (featuring Wonstein).

D.O.'s "I'm Gonna Love You" is a medium-tempo pop song with a rhythmical guitar sound. The lyrics portray a romantic confession.

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Following "I'm Gonna Love You," another B-side track was played, entitled "It's Love."

EXO D.O.'s "It's Love" is a Latin-style acoustic pop track that is about searching for love even when it will cause you disappointment.

A Spanish version of "It's Love," titled "Si Fueras Mia" will be added to D.O.'s "Empathy" album as one of the bonus tracks.

EXO D.O. Empathy
(Photo : EXO Twitter)

And last but not least, the D.O's "Empathy" highlight medley gave a snippet of the album's title track "Rose."

EXO D.O. also has co-writing credits for "Rose," which is an acoustic folk-genre song that depicts a confession of love. An English rendition of this track will be included as the other bonus track.

EXO D.O.'s "Empathy" album is set for release on July 26 at 6 p.m. KST.

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EXO D.O. Trends on Twitter + Empathy Album Reaches Over 170,000 Pre-Orders

After the highlight medley for EXO D.O.'s "Empathy" album was unveiled. Three hashtags related to the content trended on Twitter worldwide.

EXO D.O. Empathy
(Photo : EXO Twitter)

The hashtag "#EMPATHYMedley_ByDO" rose to No. 2 on the worldwide trending topics with more than 150,000 tweets on the platform.

The other hashtag "#음색깡패_디오솔로_하라메" occupied the No. 3 spot on the list.

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Moreover, the phrase "KYUNGSOO HIGHLIGHT MEDLEY" also landed inside the Top 10 of the worldwide trending topics on July 23, taking the No. 10 spot.

EXO D.O. Empathy
(Photo : EXO Twitter)

In other news, EXO D.O.'s solo album has already reached an outstanding number of pre-orders on Ktown4u three days ahead of its official release.

As of July 23, D.O.'s "Empathy" album has surpassed 170,000 pre-orders on Ktown4u.

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