MONSTA X Shows 'Summer King' Charm for 2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea

Showing off their unique blend of calm and cool for the summer, MONSTA X shows off their charms as the 'Summer King' as a part of the 2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea campaign.

MONSTA X members Hyungwon, Shownu, and I.M, joined the 2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea, lending their talents and meeting fans all over the world as they performed "Summer Taste," the theme song for this year's campaign, performed with other artists including Rain, ATEEZ, and Brave Girls.

Hyungwon, Shownu, I.M for Pepsi Taste of Korea
(Photo : Starship Entertainment)

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The theme for the 2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea, "Summer Taste," infuses synth rhythms with a popping beat, featuring a cool melody that sets the track to be the background music of the season. Its lyrics also share the message of unapologetically having fun, especially people who have been fighting and working tirelessly over the past few months. As a surefire track, "Summer Taste" has received a warm reception, evident in its debut on the Top 10 of the iTunes K-pop charts across ten countries since its release.

Across the song, Shownu, Hyungwon, and I.M contribute to the track in a smooth manner, as if they're a part of a supergroup that also includes Hongjoong and Yunho from ATEEZ, Yujeong and Yuna from Brave Girls, and the K-Pop icon Rain.

Similarly, the K-pop artists appear in the fun and colorful music video for "Summer Taste." Giving off the vibes of the season in every moment of the MV, MONSTA X members wear bright summer-themed outfits over a variety of fun and exciting activities in the MV.

Aside from joining the "Summer Taste" for the 2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea Campaign, MONSTA X has previously collaborated with Pepsi Korea for the Korean version of the "Pepsi For The Love of It," the international track used in its 2019 global campaign.

MONSTA X continues to stay connected with their fans around the world with various content, such as their ongoing vlog series "MonChannel," available through their SNS channels. Watch MONSTA X members Hyungwon, Shownu, and I.M perform with their fellow K-pop idols with "Summer Taste" below:


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