'Girls Planet 999' Trainee Calls Yeo Jin Goo 'Ugly' — But Here's the Adorable Reason Why

Chen Hsin Wei and Yeo Jin Goo
(Photo : Chen Hsin Wei and Yeo Jin Goo (Instagram))

A Chinese trainee from "Girls Planet 999" drew various attention after calling actor Yeo Jin Goo "ugly." Read more to find out the reason why this trainee left a ridiculous remark to the actor's visual.

On August 6, Mnet's survival show, "Girls Planet 999" received explosive interest from K-pop fans and viewers, even topping real-time searches.

Among those trainees who made it into headlines, Chen Hsin Wei, a trainee under the C-Group, left an absurd remark to Yeo Jin Goo – creating laughter to the viewers.

Chinese Trainee Chen Hsin Wei Amazed by Yeo Jin Goo's Visual, Accidentally Calls Him 'Ugly'

'Girls Planet 999' Trainee Calls Yeo Jin Goo 'Ugly' — But Here's The Cute Reason Why
(Photo : Chen Hsin Wei (Instagram))

During an interview, Chen Hsin Wei, who flew from China with the hope to become the next global idol, sat down for a backstage interview with the staff.

In the broadcast, Hsin Wei, not being fluent in Korean, was asked what she thinks about Yeo Jin Goo.

She then answered with a smile, "He is ugly. He's an ugly guy."

'Girls Planet 999' Trainee Calls Yeo Jin Goo 'Ugly' — But Here's The Cute Reason Why
(Photo : Yeo Jin Goo Instagram)

Confused, the PD and staff, asked her again to said it in Chinese, and the Korean translation said, "He is handsome."

When the staff explained that Hsin Wei just said the actor is "ugly," she immediately panicked and apologized, begging, "Please don't air this, I'm sorry, He is a handsome guy, I'm really sorry."

But instead of criticism, internet users reacted with laughter and commented, "She's cute, she called Yeo Jin Goo "ugly" by mistake," and "She wants to say "handsome" but she called him the otherwise."

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How 'Girls Planet 999' Masters Reacted to Chinese Trainee Chen Hsin Wei Performance

Meanwhile, Chen Hsin Wei, who captured the attention of K-pop enthusiasts with her cute mistake, received the opposite reaction from the vocal and dance masters.

'Girls Planet 999' Trainee Calls Yeo Jin Goo 'Ugly' — But Here's The Cute Reason Why
(Photo : Chen Hsin Wei (Instagram))

Under the C-Group, Chen who is one of the youngest was grouped along with Shen Xiao Ting, Xu Ruo Wei, and Huang Xing Qiao. They performed, "Rumor," a national hot anthem first performed in "Produce 48" and released by IZ*ONE.

Prior to their performance, the unit was admired from the start with the members' tall height and splendid visuals – worthy of their group's name, Visual Killer.

'Girls Planet 999' Trainee Calls Yeo Jin Goo 'Ugly' — But Here's The Cute Reason Why
(Photo : Chen Hsin Wei (Instagram))

In regards to Chen Hsin Wei's performance, the vocal master, Lim Han Byul, was disappointed and said, "Chen Hsin Wei seemed to be very unstable in pitch, so I felt sorry for her pitch."

However, the dance master Jang Ju Hee praised her improvements, saying, "Chen Hsin Wei, I remember that you couldn't memorize the lyrics and choreography in the signal song. To be honest, I was very disappointed then. But I was surprised that my eyes were good now. It was completely different from when you were singing the signal song."

On the other hand, K-pop icon Sunmi praised the other Visual Killer member, Shen Xiaoting, and said, "I have nothing to say, you play with the stage."

In the end, Xiaoting received rave reviews and became the team's only candidate for Planet TOP 9.

"Girl Planet 999," which started with a full of energy performance, is attracting attention whether who will dominate the Top 9 in the following episodes. Chen Hsin Wei, who also has high anticipation from viewers, is expected to showcase her improved singing and dancing skills in the future broadcast.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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