CLC Yeeun Dating History: Here's Why the 'Helicopter' Singer was Linked to PENTAGON Yuto

CLC Yeeun is one of the main rappers in the K-pop industry. She is also known for her appearance in "Good Girl," a rap competition show that aired on Mnet. As she is a public figure, many are curious about her life, including her romantic relationship.

One time, CLC Yeeun was caught up in a dating rumor with labelmate Yuto, a member of the boy group PENTAGON. So, what exactly happened? Is the female idol dating anyone at the moment? Keep on reading to know more about this amazing rapper.

CLC Yeeun
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CLC Yeeun's Dating Rumor with PENTAGON Yuto

Yeeun made her debut as a member of the girl group CLC under CUBE Entertainment in March 2015. Just three years after, she was embroiled in a dating issue with PENTAGON Yuto.

Suspicions arose after an anonymous netizen posted a photo of what appears to be a couple walking side by side along the street. The user claimed that they are PENTAGON member Yuto and CLC member Yeeun.

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CLC Yeeun
(Photo : Instagram: @yyyyeeun)

Netizens suspected that the two K-pop idols were in a relationship even before the photo surfaced online. In the past, the two were seen walking together with another man who is presumed to be one of the managers from CUBE Entertainment.

Fans discovered different photos of the idols wearing similar items like in the uploaded picture to prove that it was indeed them.

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At that time, neither CLC Yeeun nor PENTAGON Yuto responded to the dating rumors, and even CUBE Entertainment did not, and so the issue ultimately die down.

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But since another photo of them was posted online, the dating issue between the two idols became a hot topic once again. And so, CUBE Entertainment released an official statement, denying the dating rumor involving Yuto and Yeeun.

CLC Yeeun
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The company stated that as they are both rappers in their respective groups, CLC member Yeeun and PENTAGON member Yuto have become close friends and have been colleagues since before they make their debut. They added that CUBE Entertainment artists maintain a friendly relationship since their trainee days and that they always support one another.

CLC Yeeun's Current Relationship Status and Ideal Type

At present, CLC member Yeeun is not dating anyone in public, and she has not talked about her personal life, particularly her love life, openly. Hence, the songstress could be single.

When it comes to her ideal type for a boyfriend, Yeeun shared that she wants someone who is like her father, who can give her all the love as much as he can.

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CLC Yeeun
(Photo : Instagram: @yyyyeeun)

CLC Yeeun also said in a BNT interview that she wants a person that can give you a good vibe at a first impression. She explained that there are people whom you can get close with easily even if they are still strangers to you.

Yeeun then confessed that her ideal type is someone like Lee Hyunwoo, a Korean actor who has appeared in various dramas including "The Return of Iljimae," "To the Beautiful You," "The Con Artists," "The Liar and His Lover," and more.

Is your ideal type for a partner the same as CLC Yeeun's? Leave a comment below!

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