Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ Releases New Preview + Tiffany & Sunmi Trend for Their Reactions on a Chinese Trainee’s Remarks to CLC Yujin

Mnet has revealed a new teaser video for their upcoming girl group survival show, "Girls Planet 999." Besides the participants, Girls' Generation Tiffany and Sunmi also drew attention for their reaction on a Chinese trainee's words to CLC Yujin.

On July 30, Mnet gave a further look into their new audition program, "Girls Planet 999," which is set to premiere this coming August.

Girls Planet 999
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" Drops New Teaser + Sunmi and Girs' Generation Tiffany Trend for Their Quick Change of Facial Expressions

The latest preview for Mnet's upcoming survival show starts with the 99 participants, who are split into "K" (Korean), "C" (Chinese), and "J" (Japanese) groups according to their nationalities, entering the set for the first time.

The 99 participants started examining each other as they watch the other groups perform. Comments such as "Since K-pop belongs to the K-group, I think the other groups wouldn't have a chance," "She's the pride of the J-group," and "The visuals and physics of the C-group were impressive."

Girls Planet 999
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

The newly released teaser for Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" also showed an intense scene during the first meeting of the girls.

In particular, Chinese participant Fu Ya Ning was asked to say a few words to her fellow contestant Choi Yu Jin (a member of CLC). She surprises everyone on set by stating, "We go up! But you don't."

These were just simple words but they had a big impact on the participants, especially on the K-pop masters, Sunmi and SNSD Tiffany.

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It can be seen that CLC Yujin's expressions suddenly changed after hearing that from Fu Ya Ning. On top of that, Tiffany and Sunmi immediately lost their smiles, signaling that they didn't like what the Chinese contestant said.

Tiffany and Sunmi later trended on Twitter, with fans talking about how their facial expressions quickly changed after the Chinese trainee dissed CLC Yujin, and expressing their fear of the two well-known female idols. 

Yeo Jin Goo went on to say that either all of the three members will move to the next round, or all three of them will be eliminated, shocking the participants.

Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" will start broadcasting on Aug. 6 at 8:20 p.m. KST.

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More Information about Mnet's "Girls Planet 999"

Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" will feature a total of 99 participants with different cultures and languages. Each team: "K," "J," and "C," is made up of 33 girls who will compete with each other to secure a spot on the final lineup of the debuting girl group - only 9 contestants will be given the chance to debut.

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Mnet Girls Planet 999
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In Mnet's "Girls Planet 999," Sunmi and Girls' Generation Tiffany will act as the K-pop masters or mentors, while Yeo Jin Goo will be the host.

Meanwhile, Back Kooyoung and Jang Juhee will serve as the dance masters. Back Kooyoung is known to have worked with SM Entertainment, while Jang Juhee is known for her association with JYP Entertainment.

Mnet Girls Planet 999
(Photo : @_girlsplanet999)

Moreover, Lim Hanbyul and Jo Ayoung were chosen to be the vocal masters for the girl group survival show. Lim is a former member of Monday Kiz, while Ayoung was part of Dal Shabet.

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The K-pop masters and the dance and vocal trainers will work together as the council that will judge the overall aspects of the "Girls Planet 999" participants.

Mnet Girls Planet 999
(Photo : @_girlsplanet999)

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