Sunmi Expresses Frustration at Junior Idols NCT Sungchan, TREASURE Jihoon, and Ahn Yujin — Here's Why

Sunmi expressed her jealousy when she saw an idol whose "development" was quite remarkable.

SUNMI releases MV teaser for 'YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US'.. Zombies and unconventional action
(Photo : Sunmi Twitter)

Last Aug 9, Sunmi communicated with her fans in order to celebrate her recent comeback with the use of V LIVE. She also took the opportunity to talk about some of the episodes and stories of her big preparation and the other promotions for her new album.

During the talk, Sunmi remembered when she appeared on SBS "Inkigayo" last August 8, and revealed that when she was being interviewed on the show...she was the shortest.

Sunmi 'Frustrated' with Being the Smallest One in Previous Inikigayo Appearance

Sunmi shared that when she looked at the MCs and asked if they were wearing high heeled shoes, however, she saw that they were wearing sandals with no heels.

NCT Sungchan, one of the Inkigayo MCs at that time, is 185cm tall, TREASURE Jihoon is 178cm tall, and Ahn Yujin height is 170cm tall.

SBS Inkigayo Interview
(Photo : SBS Inkigayo)

Sunmi, on the other hand, is 166 cm tall. She is not that small; however, she looked like one when she stood among the trio.

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Because of her height frustration, she said that from then on, she'll always put insoles in the shoes that she will be wearing. But it turns out it was only a joke to make her fans laugh.

She also confessed that, in fact, after the camera rehearsal, the head of the agency asked if her designer could put an insole inside her shoes as she looked really small among her hoobaes.

(Photo : Instagram: @miyayeah)

But then, Sunmi still appeared on the show as planned - with no insoles - she said she did not want to butter up her height by putting height enhancements in her shoes.

Prior to that, Sunmi posted an interview with the MCs on Twitter with a tearful emoticon.

As of now, a photo of Sunmi standing together with the taller hoobaes is circulating around Twitter, and Sunmi even replied to a tweet stating that everyone was so tall.

Furthermore, Sunmi announced in her live broadcast that she also asked Yujin's height, and revealed that the younger told her 166cm (her height) is a good-looking height.

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Sunmi Releases New Album '1/6,' Tops Charts

After three years, Sunmi released her comeback with mini-album "1/6" with the title song "You Can't Sit With Us." It immediately ranked no. 1 on several domestic and overseas music charts.

It has been revealed that Sunmi tried to change the mood of her concept by using a lively and light genre for a title song.

(Photo : Instagram: @miyayeah)

The unique album name, "1/6," holds a deeper meaning. Sunmi confessed herself that she began working on her comeback album by widening her thinking about the part of the moon where the gravity is at 1/6.

"YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US" is a 140bpm song that is even faster than her previous songs.

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