10 K-pop Tracks to Send to Your Crush If You Finally Have the Courage to Confess

If you want to confess to your crush, who happens to be a K-pop enthusiast as well, sending them K-pop tracks with meaningful lyrics could be the best way! In this article, we have listed 10 songs by various artists – including EXO D.O., SHINee Onew, TWICE, and more – to help you with your confession!

Despite the pandemic, you can still show your true feelings to your crush or love interest online – by sending them K-pop confession songs! If you are particularly shy or you want a subtle way to tell what your heart truly feels, the following 10 tracks could help you!

Here are the 10 K-pop Tracks with Lyrics About Confessing to Someone You Like:

1.EXO D.O. "Rose"

EXO D.O.'s title track "Rose" from his debut album, "Empathy," tells a thrilling love story with a cheerful acoustic folk sound. Along with the lovely rhythm of the guitar, the track narrates how a guy who fell in love with a girl decided to confess with full of excitement and courage.

One of the catchy lyrics you can use for confession says, "I might not have a fancy car/but I fancy you/So give me a chance/if you need a lover, baby," which the idol co-wrote himself.

If your lover will say this line to you, can you even say "no"? Especially if it's D.O.? Of course not!

2.Bol4 "Some"

Bol4 also presents the song "Some" to help you express your feelings honestly. This is particularly useful if you are in a push-pull relationship with someone you like.

Some of the lines that imply confession includes, "Can't I just tell you I like you?," and "Do you wanna just go out?".

3.Day6 "I Like You"

May it be a love song, breakup song, or anything, Day6 always got you covered! If you are planning to directly confess to your crush, consider sending them the track, "I Like You."

This is a romantic confession song with an impressive rock ballad genre, in which the chorus and strong sound, pop up along with a beautiful chord progression.

With the line, "I like you/I tried to hold it down/But I can't do this anymore/Took me a long time/To say this/I want to love you" — you can confess clearly and directly.

4.GOT7 "Confession Song"

In particular, "Confession Song" is perfect for winter confession, which depicts the story about a man who has no courage to confess his love due to the worry of being rejected. It contains lyrics full of hesitation prior to confession.

This time, muster your courage and go chase after who your heart desires!

5.TWICE "Yes or Yes"

"YES or YES" is a song about TWICE's confident and bold confession. Want to confess but afraid of being rejected? This song can help you to only get "YES" as an answer!

6.SHINee Onew "Sign"

"That’s why I’m asking, what exactly is our relationship?"

Wondering yet if what is your relationship with someone you like? Feels like you have a mutual understanding but not sure? Then confirm it by sending this track to your love interest, which contains a clumsy yet adorable confession, asking for affirmation.


Treasure's 'BOY' is an attractive song with a strong beat and addictive sound, which lyrics convey the protagonist's willingness to make his love interest his "girl" and him as her "boy."

If you're a guy who want to make your girl feel special, this track is for you!

8.SEVENTEEN "Pretty U"

The song expresses the "young love" of the protagonist, flaunting SEVENTEEN's youthful sound. The lyrics then conveyed the dilemma of a boy with overflowing love for a girl, yet he is confused about how to say it.

This is a perfect song to send to your crush if you want her to have a sneak peek of the multitude of emotions that you have for her.

9.NCT Dream "My First and Last"

My First and Last is one of the songs from NCT's first love trilogy that contains a message of a teenage boy's bold confession of love. It also has the lyrics affirming his love interest of making her his "first and last love."

10.IU "Good Day"

Last but not least, IU's "Good Day" showcases how a girl is too shy to say "I like you" to the guy that she likes. With a lot of hesitations, she still gathered her courage and was finally able to say the words that she thought she couldn't be able to say.

On top of this, let's just say that IU's iconic three high notes in the song are the summary of what you are actually feeling! "I'm in my dream" — a line that you could say and shout once your love interest accepts your feelings.

Which is your favorite K-pop confession song on the list? Comment your pick!

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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