KONNECT Entertainment Responds to News Regarding Former GFRIEND Yuju Signing with the Agency

Former GFRIEND Yuju was reported to be joining Kang Daniel's agency, KONNECT Entertainment. The label has since responded to the news.

On Aug. 11, the entertainment news outlet Celuv Media issued an exclusive report stating that Yuju has a high possibility of signing an exclusive contract with KONNECT Entertainment.

An official statement from Kang Daniel's label was released shortly afterward.

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KONNECT Entertainment Addresses News about Former GFRIEND Yuju Joining the Company

According to Celuv Media, Yuju recently had a meeting with KONNECT Entertainment to discuss their exclusive contract. The news outlet added that the female idol will likely sign with the agency.

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Kang Daniel's company later responded to the news through the Korean media outlet Newsen. They said that they are planning to expand the lineup of their artists, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Kang Daniel
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KONNECT Entertainment continued that former GFRIEND Yuju is one of the many artists they met during the process.

KONNECT Entertainment is home to artist Kang Daniel, who is also the CEO of the label that was established back in 2019. It was initially established as a one-man agency for Kang's solo debut.

But on July 10, former 2NE1 CL signed a management deal with KONNECT Entertainment, becoming the first artist to partner up with the company.

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Kang Daniel's agency will be responsible for managing CL's domestic activities, including her promotions for her upcoming album "ALPHA."

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If former GFRIEND Yuju will ultimately signs with KONNECT Entertainment, she will be the third artist of the label, joining Kang Daniel and CL.

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Additionally, Yuju will be the third GFRIEND member to join a new agency following disbandment and departure from Source Music.

Yerin joined Sublime Artist Agency in June and Sowon signed with IOK Company (home to B.I.) as an actress in July.

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Former GFRIEND Yuju's 2021 Activities So Far

This 2021, Yuju took part in GFRIEND's variety content, "GFRIEND's Memoria," which aired via Weverse, Naver V LIVE, and YouTube.

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Former GFRIEND Yuju also became the host of her own show "Yuju is Halli Queen," a series about the game "Halli Galli" where Yuju serves as the defending champion under the name "Hallelujah."

Then, Yuju served as the host for KBS's "Korean Children's Song Contest" on May 5.

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Aside from these, Yuju had no other solo and group activities until she left Source Music, together with her fellow GFRIEND members.

After GFRIEND's disbandment, Yuju's first solo activity is singing an original soundtrack for the MBN television series "Bossam: Steal the Fate." Titled "Comfort," the OST was released on June 5.

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In July, former GFRIEND Yuju was featured in a song by South Korean rapper San E. The track is titled "So Silly" and it is an emotional song that conveys the feelings of excitement before entering a relationship.

San E and Yuju's "So Silly" tells the love story of a man and a woman who has feelings for each other but are unable to understand each other's feelings and confess.

If you haven't heard "So Silly" yet, check it out here!

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