Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon Reveals She Was Mesmerized by EXO Kai's Dancing

SNSD Hyoyeon, EXO Kai
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When talking about the best dancers in the K-Pop industry, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon reveals how mesmerized she was with EXO's Kai's dancing.

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Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon Reveals She Was Mesmerized by EXO Kai's Dancing

Back on August 10, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon appeared on 1theK Originals' "IDDP," which was posted on the latter's Youtube channel. In the video, Hyoyeon reacts to search results when she searches her name on various social media platforms.

Sometime during the video, Hyoyeon reads a post from an online community forum that says, "I think SM's main dancers are amazing. Members that stand our right now are Taemin, Ten, Kai, Eunhyuk, Hyo, Seulgi, Taeyong, Jisung. They are all really good."

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SNSD Hyoyeon
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Upon reading the list of names and the title, Hyoyeon agrees and adds that out of all the idols in SM Entertainment, Kai from EXO is the one who impressed her the most.

"Kai really impressed me. When I saw Kai dancing, I was completely mesmerized by him. I couldn't stop saying 'wow,' " said Hyoyeon.

Hyoyeon adds, "Maybe it's because I trained with older male dancers, but I get really competitive. I feel this strange confidence that even if I dance with some of them, I won't look too bad."

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(Photo : Instagram: @zkdlin)
EXO's Kai

However, she says that Kai just puts her in shock whenever she saw him dancing. "I couldn't get my jaw back to where it belonged whenever I saw Kai dancing. Seeing him dance was truly jaw-dropping," said Hyoyeon.

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon is the main dancer of Girls' Generation and is known to be one of the top dancers in the industry.

Check out the full video here: *Topic starts at 7:49 minute mark

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Hyoyeon Makes Comeback with Solo Single 'Second'

Back on August 9, Hyoyeon makes her comeback as a solo artist with her new single, "Second," which features R&B singer and songwriter, BIBI.

"Second" is a dance-pop track that features heavy bass and a cheerful rhythm, which is perfect for summer! Lyrically, the song conveys the message that it is okay to relax and take a breather in between our daily lives, which can be frantic at times.

The featuring artist, BIBI, also participated in writing the lyrics for "Second" as well.

Check out the music video for "Second" here:

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