BTS 'Permission to Dance' Lyrics Originally Had a Different Meaning + How BTS Chooses Their Songs

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In an interview with the leader for Big Hit Music's A&R Team, they revealed that "Permission to Dance" originally had different lyrics and meaning. 

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How BTS Chooses Their Songs and the Songwriters They Work With

On August 12, Weverse Magazine published an article featuring an interview with the leader of Big Hit Music's A&R Team, Nicole Kim, where she talked about how BTS' recently released single, "Permission to Dance," was conceptualized and came to be.

As we are currently in a pandemic, BTS thought that they needed to give people good vibes, such as bring positive energy and hope, when they were preparing to make a new song.

Hence, they decided that their new song would be about what they thought they should be doing during this situation.

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With BTS' thoughts and goals in mind, Nicole Kim and her team got to work contacting numerous songwriters from all over the globe who would be able to convey the message BTS wanted. 

She then reveals how her team and BTS choose a song and songwriter they want to work with. She explains that a lot of people are good at writing songs, however, the best song would be one that suits the members the best and emphasizes the seven members' qualities.

In addition, who they work with also depends on how well the songwriters understand BTS and the group's intentions.

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BTS' Lyrics for 'Permission to Dance' Originally Had a Different Meaning 

With that, BTS decided to work with British singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran, for the track "Permission to Dance." As Ed Sheeran had previously worked with BTS for their track "Make It Right" back in 2019, Nicole Kim said that the two artists had no issues working with each other as they both understood what one another likes and are pursuing.

When BTS first heard a demo of the song, they liked the song as it was. However, its original lyrics were more like a marriage proposal, such that it was more personal and like a love song.

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Hence, BTS asked for the song to be modified to convey the message they hoped to spread - hope and positive energy during this time of pandemic.

During their process of consolidating and conveying the theme, and how it would translate into the lyrics, Nicole Kim explained that using vague language may result in the people who hears the song to have a different image in mind, so they would sometimes give a hypothetical storyline to be as specific and close to the intended message as possible.

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Originally, "Permission to Dance" was sung by only one person, so they needed to adjust the song for seven singers who each have their own voice, and Ed Sheeran and producer Steve Mac worked together to adjust the song to suit the members of BTS.

And after working together with the team for around eight months, BTS was able to release a chart-topping hit!

Check out the full interview and the making of "Permission to Dance" here

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