Suzy Diet and Exercise — Here’s How to be as Hot as ‘The Nation’s First Love’

Suzy, also known as "The Nation's First Love," is praised for her stunning figure and visuals. Want to know how to achieve a body like this hottie? Then keep on reading!

Suzy Exercise Routine

During an appearance on OnStyle's "Get It Beauty," Suzy revealed the simple exercise trick that keeps her arms slim and toned. The idol introduced her "Penguin Exercise!" It sounds cute and looks cute, and Suzy says it can be done anywhere and any time.

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To do this exercise, stretch your wrists out at a right angle, just like how a penguin does. You must then quickly turn your wrists in and out, just like a penguin! Though it looks simple, Suzy says that you must do it until your muscles hurt!

(Photo : ibuybeauti YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

Suzy also recommends an alternative method to this. Instead of having your arms on the side, having it in front of you. With your palms turned sidewards, turns your wrists in and out like a penguin. Do you feel the burn?

(Photo : ibuybeauti YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

The panel and the girls in the audience were shocked with how fast Suzy is able to do it, proving that this exercise method has been tried and tested by the female idol. Experts on the show agreed that this method does work, saying that there are some girls who still have flabby arms because they do not stretch enough and have bad blood circulation. Doing this exercise will prevent cellulite from forming in the arms.

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Of course, it definitely helps that the exercise is adorable!

Suzy Diet Plan

Suzy's diet has been praised as the most natural diet out of all idols. Why? Because though she is limiting her intake and calories, the idol still eats all three meals in a day. Because of this, many believe it is the most sensible diet. Still, it is essential to contact your doctor before going on a new diet to make sure it will suit your body's needs.

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For breakfast, Suzy eats chicken breast, a sweet potato, and a cup of low-fat milk. For lunch, the "Yes No Maybe" songstress will eat brown rice with a salad. Lastly, for dinner, Suzy will eat two sweet potatoes.

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The idol does go on extreme diets at times, especially if she has an important schedule on the way. During the times she needs to shed weight quickly, Suzy only eats one meal. That meal consists of chicken breasts, a sweet potato, and a glass of low-fat milk. She will continue to drink water for the rest of the day.

(Photo : Suzy Instagram)

Will you be trying out Suzy's diet and workout routine? Tell us in the comments below!

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