10 Upbeat K-pop Songs to Include in Your Home Workout Playlist

Music undeniably enhances our exercising experience, with the songs giving us that extra push to complete the routine. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people from spending time outside, most of us will have to do our workouts in our respective houses.

Since not everyone has exercise equipment at home, many will not be motivated to get up in the morning and perform their daily exercise routine. Thus, here are some K-pop songs that are guaranteed to keep you pumped and help you perspire.

10 Upbeat K-pop Songs to Include in Your Home   Workout Playlist
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10 Upbeat K-pop Songs to Listen to During Your Home Workout


This iconic K-pop song by the legendary boy group, BIGBANG, will surely get you moving. "BANG BANG BANG" has loud and energetic beats that make it a perfect soundtrack for cardiovascular exercise.


BLACKPINK songs are no doubt ideal for working out, but among them, "BOOMBAYAH," fits cardio workouts, excellently. Its fierce and electronic beats, plus its bass drop, will have your body moving in no time.

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RED VELVET - 'Dumb Dumb'

While Red Velvet mostly has a colorful and cute concept, some of their tracks are upbeat and fast-paced and they are sure to help you sweat before you know it. The group's 2015 hit "Dumb Dumb" is one of these songs.


Despite having only debuted in 2019, ITZY has already released songs that quickly became popular not only in South Korea but also overseas. One of these tracks is "WANNABE," an EDM, house, and hip hop-genre song that's perfect for cardio exercises as well.

Apart from its fast-paced beats, the lyrics for ITZY's "WANNABE" that talk about self-confidence is another motivational point that will boost your energy.

BTS - 'Fire'

BTS might be releasing vibrant and dance-pop songs recently, but the boy group has dropped intense and upbeat tracks before, and "Fire" is one such song.

What's more, BTS's "Fire" has explosively energetic choreography that you may opt to memorize and perform to work up a sweat.

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BTS - 'Idol'

Another BTS song to keep you pumped is "Idol," which led the boy group to global popularity in 2018. This song based on South African dance style contains a perfect mix of traditional and modern elements, plus a trap groove rap and EDM, which will keep you going during your exercise.

TWICE - 'Stuck in My Head'

TWICE, alongside BLACKPINK and Red Velvet, is no doubt one of the most popular girl groups in the world. While the nonet frequently releases songs that are within the K-pop scale, they also drop headbangers from time to time. "Stuck in My Head" is one of them.

Even though TWICE's "Stuck in My Head" is not their title track, it is a famous song among their fans and features rock-like beats.

GOT7 - 'Hard Carry'

Since it will be challenging to work out at home without any gym equipment, you will need that motivation to start and finish your exercise. GOT7's "Hard Carry" will surely hype you up, sending adrenaline directly to your veins.

With its powerful hip-hop rhythm, "Hard Carry" is a perfect accompaniment for weight training exercises.

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"HIT" is a powerful dance song by SEVENTEEN that makes an excellent workout soundtrack for those with a busy schedule. It even has a hard-hitting choreography that you can try and you will surely find yourself sweating in no time.

Stray Kids - 'God's Menu'

"God's Menu" by Stray Kids is a hip-hop song marked by powerful rap parts. The strong onomatopoeia "du du du" that is sung throughout the song makes the work more addicting.

Either you're running on the treadmill or performing endurance-building exercises, "God's Menu" will give you the extra push you need.

Do you know any other K-pop songs that are perfect for your home workout? Tell us in the comments below!

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