CLC Sorn States She ‘Had To’ Delete the Videos from Her YouTube Channel

After deleting all the videos of her personal YouTube channel, CLC member Sorn returned with a new video where she said she "had to" remove all the videos on her channel. Keep on reading for all the details.

CLC Sorn Reveals She Had To Delete the Videos from Her YouTube Channel

Earlier this month, CLC member Sorn caused a stir when all the videos from her YouTube channel "Produsorn" were unlisted and unavailable. The idol did not explain why the videos were no longer available to the public but soon returned to the channel on August 18 to announced that "Produsorn" is back.

The minute is a little over four minutes long, and in it, Sorn talks about returning to the channel after surprising everyone by deleting all her videos. She tells fans that "Produsorn" will be up and running again but expressed sadness over having to delete the videos of her channel.

When talking about the situation, Sorn said in her video, "I was also very devastated and very emotional to have to let go of all the videos that I have worked really hard on." She tells fans that she films and edits everything herself, so it made her really sad for her to have to let go of all the content she worked on.

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However, she reassures fans that the channel is not going anywhere, and she plans to film and edit more new content for her fans. She also announced that she is working on new music and her "new journey in life." Sorn stresses that fans are very important in her life, and she still wants to make videos for her fans.

While many are happy to hear that Sorn is returning to her channel, her choice of words shocked fans. Cheshires (CLC's fan base) took to Twitter to wonder what Sorn meant when she said she "had to" delete her videos and even tagged CLC to ask for an explanation as to why she was forced to do such a thing.

Speculations escalated when Sorn herself retweeted a tweet concerning the situation. However, she soon un-retweeted the tweet.

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Many speculations arose due to Sorn's words. Many believed that Cube Entertainment forced her to delete her videos. This theory comes after Yujin, a member of the group, revealed on "Girls Planet 999" that CLC was dismissed and that they would no longer support their activities. People believe that this is another hint of the girl group's impending disbandment.

On the other hand, others believe that it could be that Sorn chose not to renew her contract with Cube Entertainment, as Seunghee and Seungyeon, two fellow CLC members with YouTube channels, still have all their videos up.

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In line with this, some speculate that Sorn could possibly sign with WILD Entertainment, a company owned by Leonard Lim. The two have been seen hanging together often, with Leonard appeared in her TikToks, and Instagram Lives.

Neither Sorn nor Cube Entertainment has addressed the situation.

CLC's Current Situation

On December 25, 2020, Elkie sent a legal notice to Cube Entertainment requesting to terminate her exclusive contract with them. She claimed the label did not pay her for her acting activities and that Cube Entertainment has already stopped their development support of CLC, putting the group's future on hiatus.

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On February 3, 2021, Cube Entertainment announced that Elkie's contract with the label was terminated and that she is no longer a member of CLC.

On August 13, 2021, Yujin revealed in an interview on "Girls Planet 999" that Cube Entertainment informed the girls that they would no longer be working together as a team. The label did not confirm nor deny the statement.

(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

As of now, CLC is not working on any new music.

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