DUSTIN to Re-Debut with 20 Members and the Same System as NCT

K-pop boy group DUSTIN will re-debut with a total of 20 members and will have an approach somewhat similar to SM Entertainment's NCT, which is known for their unlimited number of members.

On Aug. 20, LPA Entertainment announced that they have launched a project, which has been planned for a long time. This project involves re-debuting DUSTIN with more members and the boy group will then promote in different countries through their sub-units.

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NCT as a Whole Group

DUSTIN to Re-Debut as a 20-Member Boy Group and with the Similar System to NCT

LPA Entertainment has been inactive in the entertainment industry due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to the suspension of activities of its idol groups such as HOLICS and DUSTIN.

DUSTIN, in particular, was highly affected by the pandemic as they ended up disbanding in May this year due to internal circumstances.

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But, LPA Entertainment plans to re-debut DUSTIN under the same name and with more members. The boy group initially consisted of eight members but they will re-debut with 20 members in total.

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NCT Dream

Similar to the system of NCT, DUSTIN will have sub-units, but the difference is that the members of each unit will be fixed. This means the members will only focus on the activities of their respective sub-units.

DUSTIN's approach is in contrast to NCT since the NCT members are part of more than one sub-unit.

In addition to this, the DUSTIN members will be divided into four sub-units, so each unit consists of five members, which will be a fixed number.

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The four DUSTIN sub-units will promote in Korea (DUSTIN K), Japan (DUSTIN J), Southeast Asia (DUSTIN A), and America and Europe (DUSTIN G).

NCT 127
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NCT 127

In particular, DUSTIN A will carry out activities in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. DUSTIN G, on the other hand, will be active in South America, North America, and Europe.

The four DUSTIN sub-units will make their debuts in their respective regions. When it comes to tours, the units will come together. It will be done in K+J or A+G, K+S, and K+G.

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Furthermore, like the NCT sub-units, the DUSTIN units from each country will release special albums as one group for a large project.

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Auditions and staff in each region are starting preparations, and the Korean-based DUSTIN sub-unit is currently being organized and planned by LPA Entertainment's CEO Lee Seol, according to the generation organizer.

For the DUSTIN A (Asia), TimelessNotes LIVE and Joanna Pearl Rojo Santos will be in charge of its creation, while Keyla Marie will be responsible for DUSTIN G. The DUSTIN J, meanwhile, will be helmed by Mix Channel and Megawave Japan.

The details of the project were kept secret, but as the content of the project became known, interest in the boy group started to rise.

Are you excited to meet the DUSTIN members?

Who is DUSTIN?

DUSTIN made its debut in January 2020 with the digital single "Burn." The group comprised eight members, namely Kim Yoon, Hwani, JJ, Seung Han, Siu, Bel, and Daon.

In November of the same year, Bel and Da On left the group. Two new members, namely Seonho and Dojun, were added to the group in March this year.

In August 2020, the first sub-unit of DUSTIN, called "DUSTIN-ON," made its debut with the mini-album, "O:Young." The unit is composed of Da On, Bel, and JJ.

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