Red Velvet Joy Apologizes to Fans Following Her Dating News with Crush

Red Velvet Joy has released an apology after her dating news with South Korean R&B singer, Crush.

On the morning of Aug. 23, Sports Chosun reported that Joy and Crush are currently in a relationship. The idols' agencies later confirmed the news.

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In the afternoon on the same day, Red Velvet Joy took to the fan community, Lysn, to release a personal statement regarding her dating news with Crush.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush
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Red Velvet Joy Issues Apology to the Fans after Her Dating News with Crush

In her lengthy message posted on Lysn, Joy first apologized to the fans about the sudden news of her being in a relationship with Crush.

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Red Velvet Joy continued that she and Crush are still at the stage where they have just confirmed their feelings for each other and are getting to know each other little by little.

Red Velvet Joy
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Red Velvet member Joy then expressed her hope that Luvies (Red Velvet's fan club) would be understanding and supportive of her love life.

Below is the full message from Red Velvet Joy:

"Luvies, hi! This is Joy. I'm so sorry, Luvies, you must have been more surprised than anyone about the sudden news. It would have been great if I could tell you beforehand. You were very surprised, right? I'm really sorry since it appears like I have given you unnecessary worries during a time when the members and Luvies were all excited about performing on stage for the first time in a while.

We are still at the stage at which we have only verified our feelings for one another and are getting to know each other gradually, so I was being careful yet I panicked that the news broke out this early. But, I'm writing this post because I think Luvies are much more shocked than me.

I hope that Luvies who have been cherishing and loving me even until now can be understanding and supportive. I'm so sorry to surprise you unexpectedly. I'm really troubled that you guys will be worried over many things this day. I will try harder so you will worry less. Our Luvies that always love us no matter what, I'm sorry and I love you!"

Red Velvet Joy and Crush
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Crush has not yet released any personal statement about her dating news with Red Velvet Joy.

What can you say about Red Velvet Joy and Crush being in a relationship? Tell us in the comments below!

Red Velvet Joy and Crush's Behind-The-Scenes Video for "Mayday" Resurfaces

Following the dating news about Red Velvet Joy and Crush, a behind-the-scenes video for the two idols' duet, "Mayday," is currently a hot topic among fans, particularly their behavior toward each other.

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Red Velvet Joy and Crush
(Photo : Instagram: @_imyour_joy)

In the video, Crush and Joy were sitting side by side on a sofa. The male idol was stuttering while explaining "Mayday" to the Red Velvet member. He remarked that he is very nervous, and in response, Joy said that she is also nervous and that she is a fan of Crush.

After Red Velvet Joy finished recording her part in "Mayday," Crush gifted her a signed album with a short message. The "Queendom" singer then thanked the R&B singer and even posted it on Instagram.

Watch the full video here!

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