Kwon Eunbi Reveals She was Preparing to Debut in a Duo or a Girl Group Prior to IZ*ONE

Kwon Eunbi unveiled that she was preparing for her debut in either a duo or a girl group before she became an IZ*ONE member.

On Aug. 26, the Korean media outlet YTN released an exclusive interview with former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eunbi, who recently made her solo debut with her first mini-album "OPEN," which features the title track "Door."

Kwon Eunbi has songwriting credits in "Door," which is about showing a new side of oneself in a concealed place. She is the first IZ*ONE member to debut as a soloist following the group's disbandment.

Kwon Eunbi
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Kwon Eunbi Shares She was Supposed to Debut in a Duo or a Girl Group before IZ*ONE

Kwon Eunbi became a trainee under Woollim Entertainment in 2016 after she left her first management agency Kiroy Company, where she debuted as a member of Ye-A in July 2014 under the stage name Kazoo.

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Eunbi consistently trained under Woollim until she became a backup dancer for Lovelyz. After two years of training, she competed in Mnet's girl group survival show "Produce 48," where she finished in seventh place and debuted as a member of IZ*ONE.

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But ahead of becoming part of IZ*ONE, Kwon Eunbi was supposed to debut in a duo or a girl group under Woollim Entertainment.

During the interview with YTN, Eunbi was asked about how she wants to end her singing career. She revealed that her last dream is actually to be part of a girl group. However, it was the other way around as she debuted first in a band.

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Former IZ*ONE member Eunbi then revealed that she was preparing to debut in a two-member group like Bolbbalgan4 when she was still a trainee under Woollim Entertainment.

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Bolbbalgan4 (also known as BOL4) is originally a duo comprising Woo Jiyoong and Ahn Jiyoung, but Woo left the group while Ahn continues to promote under their group name. BOL4 is known for their hit songs "Flight Day," "Galaxy," and more.

Kwon Eunbi went on to disclose that she was also preparing to debut in the girl group Rocket Punch before she was chosen to be part of IZ*ONE.

Rocket Punch
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Rocket Punch

The "Fiesta" singer then expressed her hope to end her music career as a member of an idol group.

When IZ*ONE's disbandment was announced, some rumors say Kwon Eunbi would be added to Rocket Punch, alongside her Kim Chaewon.

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Rocket Punch is a six-member girl group that debuted under Woollim Entertainment in August 2019. Five of the members were born in the 2000s and the oldest member was born in 1997.

Kwon Eunbi
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If former IZ*ONE member Eunbi made her debut in Rocket Punch, she would be the eldest and perhaps the leader since she was also the leader of Mnet's project girl group.

Not to mention, Kwon Eunbi is close friends with two of the Rocket Punch members, particularly Sohee and Suyun. She also recently participated in the girl group's Japanese album, which features the track "Let's Dance" that she wrote and co-produced.

Do you think Kwon Eunbi would fit in Rocket Punch? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kwon Eunbi "OPEN" Debuts inside the Top 3 on iTunes Charts around the World

In other news, Kwon Eunbi's solo debut is a success as her first mini-album "OPEN" ranked first on iTunes Top K-pop Album charts in Hong Kong and Singapore as of 10 a.m. KST on Aug. 25.

Kwon Eunbi OPEN
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"OPEN" also ranked second on iTunes K-pop Album charts in 14 countries, including the United States, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Chile, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Indonesia.

Overall, Kwon Eunbi's "OPEN" ranked inside the Top 3 on iTunes charts in 17 regions.

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