Red Velvet Joy Diet and Workout — This is How To Be as Hot as the ‘Queendom’ Songstress

Red Velvet Joy Diet and Workout — This is How To Be as Hot as the ‘Queendom’ Songstress
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Known as Red Velvet's "sexy dynamite," Joy has one of the hottest figures in K-pop right now. Want to know how to look as sexy as this female idol? Then keep on reading!

Red Velvet Joy Workout Routine

Red Velvet member Joy made a guest appearance on the KBS Cool FM radio show "G-Park's Radio Show" on August 23, 2021. There, she revealed that she puts in a lot of effort to look pretty. Something that includes that is working out. During her time on the show, she stresses that she works out a lot.

(Photo : Joy Instagram)

The idol revealed that she has been into pilates lately. During the time she does not work, Joy will work out harder, which likely entails taking more pilates classes.

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Pilates has several benefits. This type of exercise promotes muscle strength, especially in your abdominal muscles, hips, lower back, and buttocks. Pilates can also help balance muscle strength on both sides of the body and enhance muscular control of both your and limbs. Not only does this exercise tone your whole body, but it also improves the stabilization of your spine.

(Photo : Joy Instagram)

Of course, as an idol, another way Joy sheds pounds is through dance practice. When Red Velvet is not promoting, they most likely had dance practices every week, while she practices by herself on other days. When Red Velvet does have promotions, the girls are more likely to practice five days away for more than five hours a day.

Dancing, like pilates, has a number of benefits. It helps in weight management and improves muscle tone and strength. It also increases muscular strength, endurance, and motor and aerobic fitness. Dancing promotes stronger bones and the improve condition of your height and lungs. It also helps one have better coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, and spatial awareness.

Red Velvet Joy Diet

During her appearance on "G-Park Radio Show," Red Velvet member Jouy briefly touched on dieting, saying that she is mindful of what she eats at all times. However, it appears Joy does not limit herself and eats what she wants to eat. During an appearance on the radio show "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time," Joy stated that she and the other Red Velvet members could eat anything they want as long as they also focus on exercising.

(Photo : Joy Instagram)

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Joy has stated that despite her young age, she is taking her health seriously. Because of that, it is most likely she is following a simple diet with low calories. However, some reports claim that Joy followed the keto diet in the past, which is a high-fat, zero-carb diet.

While the keto diet is known for its effective weight loss, doing the diet for a long-time can promote the risk of kidney stones, osteoporosis, and liver diseases. If you plan to undergo this diet, please consult a nutritionist and a doctor.

Will you be trying out Joy's diet and workout? Tell us in the comments below!

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