BTS V 'Butter' Stage Cam Becomes the Most-Viewed Fancam This 2021

BTS V's "Butter" fancam is now the most viewed among the fancams of K-pop idols released this 2021!

On July 3, BTS uploaded fancams of the members when they were performing "Butter" on SiriusXM to their official YouTube channel "BANGTAN TV."

As of Aug. 28, BTS V's "Butter" stage cam has the most views among the seven BTS members, and also the most views among fancams of K-pop idols this year.

BTS V Butter
(Photo : Big Hit Music Twitter)

BTS V "Butter" Stage Cam is the Most-Viewed Fancam This 2021

On July 1, BTS gave new live performances of their two English hit songs "Butter" and "Dynamite," which were exclusively held on SiriusXM,

On July 3, the 21st pop icons treated fans to more videos of their "Butter" stage on SiriusXM, specifically videos focusing on each member.

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BTS V's "Butter" stage cam, in particular, captured the most attention from the public among the seven fancams. As of Aug. 25, it surpassed 12 million views on YouTube, becoming the most-viewed fancam released by HYBE.

BTS V Permission to Dance
(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Other than this, BTS V's "Butter" stage cam on SiriusXM has also become the most-viewed fancam of a K-pop idol this 2021.

As of Aug. 28, BTS V's "Butter" fancam has 12.2 million YouTube views. It is the only "Butter" stage cam to reach such an outstanding number of views. It even gained the most likes, having 861,000 likes as of writing.

The phenomenal visuals, the attractive dance moves, and the charisma shown to the camera make it hard for fans to take their eyes off of BTS V's "Butter" stage cam.

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The "Butter" fancam filmed on SiriusXM with the second-highest views on YouTube is the one featuring BTS Jungkook. It has 10 million views and 848,000 likes as of Aug. 28.

BTS V Permission to Dance
(Photo : @bts_bighit)

Apart from his "Butter" stage, BTS V's fancams in his performance of "Permission to Dance" and "Telepathy" are also recording the highest number of views.

As of Aug. 28, BTS V's "Permission to Dance" stage cam has 8.8 million views, while his "Telepathy" fancam has 2.04 million views.

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In June 2020, it was revealed that BTS V has become the only K-pop idol to have six fancams with more than 10 million YouTube views.

BTS V Butter

These fancams include his performances of "Boy With Luv," "ON," "DNA," "Airplane pt. 2," which were all on Mnet's "M Countdown," plus his "MIC DROP" fancam at the 2018 Lotte Duty Free Family Concert and his "5th MUSTER MAGIC SHOP in Seoul" fancam.

BTS V has an overwhelming record for the highest number of views for fancams, having 135.8 million views overall.

Watch BTS V's "Butter" stage cam on SiriusXM here to celebrate!

BTS V "Singularity" Reaches Impressive Number of Streams on Spotify

In other news, BTS V's solo track "Singularity" also remains popular among music fans even three years has passed since its release in May 2018.

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

As of Aug. 28, "Singularity" has surpassed 173 million streams on Spotify. This song previously earned the title of the fourth K-pop solo track in history to reach 100 million streams on the platform.

The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, regarded BTS V's "Singularity" as the best song on the "Love Yourself: Answer" album by the septet.

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