BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie, and More: Idols Who Best Suit the Title ‘Human Chanel’

Exciting DC recently held a poll, titled "The best luxury goods, which idol is Chanel itself?" Keep on reading to see who made the top rankings!

From July 25 to July 31, Exciting DC held a poll asking users to vote for the K-pop idol that best suits the title "Human Chanel." The poll received 11,829 participants.

BTS V Selected as the Idol That Best Suits the Title 'Human Chanel'

Ranking in the first place is BTS member V, who received 6,913 votes, which is approximately 58.44% of the total vote tally.

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

Though V was selected as the idol that best suits the titled "Human Chanel," he does not actually represent the brand. Along with the other BTS members, he is the global brand ambassadors of luxury brand Louis Vuitton and have been since April 2021.

Louis Vuitton is their first global luxury fashion deal, as BTS previously collaborated with brands that were more accessible to their fans.

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However, V has been seen rocking Chanel in the past. In 2019, the group was seen rocking Kim Jones' Dior Autumn/Winter 2019 collection during their world tour, "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself."

Additionally, the idol was also seen wearing Chanel earrings and necklaces on Twitter.

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

Fellow BTS member Jin ranked second in the poll, scoring 3,149 votes. This is approximately 26.62% of the total vote count.

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BLACKPINK Jennie is the Female Idol That Best Suits the Title 'Human Chanel'

The highest-ranking female idol on the poll is none other than BLACKPINK's very own Jennie. Ranking in third place, Jennie received 1,186 votes, which is roughly 10.03% of the total vote count.

(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

Unlike V, Jennie does actually represent Chanel as their global brand ambassador. She started off as the model for Chanel Korea Beauty in January 2018 and was soon promoted to the ambassador of Chanel Korea in June of that year. The fashion house's spokesperson noted Jennie's loyalty to the brand and her trendy style as to why she was selected.

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In October 2018, Jennie was named Chanel's newest global brand ambassador, joining labelmate G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

In an interview with Elle Indonesia, Jennie revealed she had been a fan of Chanel ever since she was young. When she was a child, she would look through her mother's wardrobe and search for whatever vintage Chanel she could get her hands on.

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These are the Idols TOP 5 That Best Suit the Title 'Human Chanel,' According to Exciting DC

1. BTS V - 6,913 votes

2. BTS Jin - 3,149 votes

3. BLACKPINK Jennie - 1,186 votes

4. Red Velvet Irene - 314 votes

5. BIGBANG G-Dragon - 168 votes

Did your favorite idol make the top 5? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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