EIDER Korea Accused of Showing Favoritism to aespa Karina

EIDER Korea is being speculated to show favoritism to aespa member Karina after people discovered she is the only member to have solo images on their website. Keep on reading for all the details.

EIDER Korea Accused of Showing Favoritism to aespa Karina
(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Is EIDER Korea Showing Favoritism to aespa Karina?

On August 26, aespa was announced as the newest advertising models for outdoor brand EIDER Korea. This announcement also entailed EIDER Korea launching a new autumn-winter campaign on their website, which aespa models for. While many were initially ecstatic that aespa bagged another advertising contract, many soon noticed that the brand appeared to favor Karina and ignored the other members.

Upon checking the website, it was discovered that Karina is the only member to appear on the homepage. While searching for models of the new fleece jacket collections, people can only see Karina's image in the thumbnail. This confused many, as all four members had modeled the jackets, but only Karina can be seen.

Karina Eider
(Photo : EIDER Korea)
Karina Eider
(Photo : EIDER Korea)
Karina Eider
(Photo : EIDER Korea)

Many were upset that the brand was being openly biased, making the rest of the group appear to be "background characters" to Karina. However, some people understood why EIDER Korea chose to push Karina more than the other members of aespa.

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Some noted that it is normal for brands to push the most famous member so that they would get more recognition. People pointed out that Karina had previously ranked number one in female idols brand reputation rankings for two months in a row, so it makes sense that brands would choose to push her over the other three members of the group.

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Others pointed out that Karina suits the brand more than the other members. Thanks to her stunning appearance and tall height, many believe Karina fits the outdoor brand and their aesthetic. Some even claim that the other three members look like regular lookbook models when put next to Karina.

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aespa Recent Activities

On August 26, 2021, it was announced that aespa was selected as the latest advertising model for outdoor brand EIDER Korea. The fashion brand stated they chose the girl group to represent the brand due to their unique presence and distinct characteristics that appeal to Generation Z.

(Photo : Naver (Provided by Eider))

On August 24, 2021, it was announced that aespa was selected as the latest brand endorser for the South Korean beauty brand, Mediheal. Earlier that month, on August 6, it was announced that aespa was chosen as the newest endorser for South Korean make-up brand CLIO.

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