Pledis Entertainment Announces SEVENTEEN Will Promote as 11 Members Until December

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SEVENTEEN will be promoting with only 11 members for the time being.

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SEVENTEEN Jun and The8 to Focus on Activities in China Until December

On September 1 KST, SEVENTEEN's music label, Pledis Entertainment, released a statement regarding the group's domestic and overseas activities for the second half of the year, in which they announce that members Jun and The8 will be focusing on their activities in China from September to December in the mean time.

According to Pledis Entertainment, they plan to fully support both the group and individual activities of each member, by providing them domestic and international activities in a wide range of opportunities for the members to take part in, and for them to enjoy their full potential as close to their fans as possible.

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The8, Jun
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In light of these efforts, Jun and The8 will be returning to China to focus on their activities there, from September to December. "They will be resuming their activities in China that have been postponed due to COVID-19, and spend time with their family members after having been forced to stay apart from them for a considerable amount of time due to the pandemic," said Pledis Entertainment.

This decision was also made as traveling across countries and regions demand excessive effort and time with the challenges brought upon by the current situation on international and regional travel, in addition to the requirement of undergoing self-quarantine.

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(Photo : Twitter: @pledis_17)

After having a discussion with all of the members of SEVENTEEN, Jun and The8 have come to the decision of going back to China for the time being, while the group will continue with their promotions in Korea as 11 members.

Pledis Entertainment asks fans for their generous understanding, and will update fans of SEVENTEEN's activities in both Korea and overseas during the second half of the year.

Although Jun and The8 are returning to China for the time being, they will still be part of the preparations for SEVENTEEN's upcoming comeback sometime in October. The exact date of the comeback has yet to be announced.

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SEVENTEEN Jun Launches Personal Instagram Account

Jun is now the latest member of SEVENTEEN to launch his very own Instagram account!

Back on August 30, Jun greeted Instagram users with his first post under the handle, "junhui_moon," by sharing two photos of him as he poses with the backdrop of SEVENTEEN's fifth fan meeting, "SEVENTEEN in Carat Land."

Accompanying the two photos is a simple "Hi" caption and a crescent moon - perfect with his Instagram handle!

(Photo : Instagram: @junhui_moon)

Following his first post, his fellow SEVENTEEN members also welcomed Jun to the platform.

As of this writing, Jun currently has more than 517,000 Instagram followers!

Check out his Instagram here.

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