Where is 2AM Now? The Half of the One Big Group 'One Day' that Also Consisted of 2PM

2AM is known to be one of the two subgroups of JYP Entertainment's previous boy group, One Day, the other one is 2PM. They are more of a ballad vocal group rather than a traditional K-pop group as they have a softer image and typically promote with ballad songs, unlike 2PM.

It has been six years since 2AM went on a hiatus, hence, many fans might be wondering what the members are doing now. In this article, we will have a rundown of what the 2AM members - Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong, and Jinwoon - have been doing since leaving JYPE and Big Hit.

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About 2AM

2AM is a four-member South Korean boy group that was formed through Mnet's "Hot Blood," together with 2PM. These two bands were originally one big group, called "One Day," with 11 members.

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Member Jinwoon was initially eliminated on "Hot Blood," but he eventually joined 2AM after Daehun decided to withdraw and leave JYP Entertainment.

(Photo : 2AM Facebook)

2AM made their debut in July 2008 with their first single, entitled "This Song." The ballad vocal group also debuted in Japan with their first full-length album, "Voice," in January 2013. After a year, 2AM returned to JYP Entertainment, and "Let's Talk" was their first release under the company.

In 2015, three 2AM members (Jinwoon, Seulong, and Changmin) left JYPE, while Jo Kwon only parted ways with the agency in 2017. While the four members are signed under different agencies, 2AM has not disbanded.

Since then, 2AM has been inactive in the music industry as a group. But, the quartet plans on making a full group comeback soon.

Where are the 2AM Members Now?

2AM Jo Kwon

2AM's leader, Jo Kwon, joined CUBE Entertainment after his contract with JYPE ended in 2017, after 16 years. He released his first single under CUBE in January 2018, titled "Lonely."

2AM Jo Kwon
(Photo : Instagram: @kwon_jo)

After more than a year of his military service, 2AM Jo Kwon was discharged in March 2020. He then made his first variety show appearance since his military discharge on JTBC's "Knowing Bros" in April of the same year.

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In July, Jo Kwon played the role of Jamie New, a high school student, in the musical "Everybody's Talking About Jamie." Four months later, he collaborated with Sunye to release the single "First Page."

The 2AM member has also sung one of the original soundtracks for "Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend," entitled "Twist King" with ASTRO MJ and Shin Joo Hyup.

2AM Changmin

Changmin, 2AM's main vocalist, has established a one-man company, called "The Bsky," after his contract with JYPE and Big Hit expired. He has since been busy with his own schedule as an idol and the CEO of his label.

2AM Changmin
(Photo : Instagram: @p.f.changmin)

2AM Changmin made his solo debut with his first mini-album "The Bright Sky" in April 2018. In the same year, he dropped the track "Stand By Me" as an OST for the K-drama "Just Between Lovers." He then returned with the single "Easy to Say" in 2019.

2AM Seulong

Then, we have 2AM's vocalist Lim Seulong. He moved to Sidus HQ following his departure from JYP Entertainment. Under his new label, he carried out activities as both a singer and an actor. Not only did he released solo tracks but also OSTs and collaborations.

2AM Seulong
(Photo : Instagram: @lsod.d)

2AM Seulong starred in various K-dramas and movies, and also appeared in various variety shows. "Star Next Door," "Horror Stories 3," "Mrs. Cop 2," and "Hotel King" are just a few of the dramas and films he appeared in.

Apart from his career as an actor and singer, Lim Seulong is also an owner of two bars, namely "Nerd on Earth" and "Odd Bar." Both bars have rooftops and offer sweeping views of Itaewon.

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2AM Jinwoon

Lastly, there's Jinwoon, 2AM's maknae and main rapper. After leaving JYPE and Big Hit, he signed with Mystic Entertainment and released two single albums, the latest one being called "Koong! Pop!" (2018).

2AM Jinwoon
(Photo : Instagram: @jinwoon52)

Like 2AM Seulong, Jinwoon is also currently active as an actor. He was chosen to star in "Only I Can See," "Brother," "Oh! My Ghost," and "I'm Here."

2AM Jinwoon even made a cameo appearance on the Netflix show "So Not Worth It" in episodes 6 and 7.

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