2AM Jinwoon Shares When the Group Plans to Make a Comeback

Jinwoon has revealed when 2AM's comeback will take place.

This past May, respective agencies of 2AM members confirmed that the boy group is currently in discussions on reuniting for a comeback. They added that they are positively reviewing it.

On July 15, 2AM Jinwoon shared a few details on the boy group's upcoming return.

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Jinwoon Reveals when 2AM's Comeback Will Happen

In a recent interview, 2AM Jinwoon talked about his acting career and his reunion with his bandmates.

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2AM member Jinwoon confessed that he misses the 2AM-style ballads. He then revealed what he thinks helped them remain as a team after so many years.

Jeong Jinwoon said, "I think we were able to remain as a group until now because we have respect for each other."

(Photo : 2AM Facebook)

The singer further stated that 2AM's comeback as a full group is in discussions to take place this fall. While he didn't specify what month, the singer added that the boy group is in the middle of preparing an album.

2AM Jinwoon concluded, "We are discussing in detail, fun, and positively to return quickly."

2AM's comeback this fall will be their first in almost seven years since the release of their third studio album, "Let's Talk," in 2014.

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After "Let's Talk" was dropped, the four-member boy group went on an indefinite hiatus. The members departed from JYP Entertainment and Big Hit one after another in 2015 and later started their mandatory military service, from 2017 to 2019.

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2AM Jinwoon was the last member to be discharged from the military (October 2020).

Following their debut in 2008, 2AM released several songs that later became hits, including "Never Let You Go," "You Wouldn't Answer My Calls," "This Song," and "I Was Wrong."

Are you excited to hear the new songs from 2AM's upcoming album?

2AM Jinwoon's Releases Prior to Military Enlistment

Before 2AM member Jinwoon enlisted in the military in March 2019, he released several singles as a solo artist.

Jeong Jinwoon made his solo debut in August 2011 with his first solo single, "You Walking Towards Me," which was released by Big Hit Entertainment. He was the one who wrote and composed this track.

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2AM Jinwoon
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In 2017, 2AM Jinwoon had three solo releases, all of which are digital singles. He dropped a "Set Me Free" with Hanbin Chyung in April, then "Love is True" in June.

In December 2017, 2AM member Jinwoon collaborated with 9MUSES Kyungri (his ex-girlfriend) for a sweet Christmas duet, "White Christmas."

In 2018, Jeong Jinwoon released two works, one of which is a digital single, entitled "Erasing," on April 3. A music video for the song was shared on the same day.

"Erasing" was written by 2AM Jinwoon, who also co-composed the song with Shin Yo Han.

2AM Jinwoon
(Photo : 2AM Jinwoon Instagram)

On Sept. 2, 2AM, member Jinwoon returned with his fourth solo album, titled "Koong! Pop!" It comprises three tracks, including the title song, "All I Need is You."

Like in his previous solo releases, Jinwoon also took part in writing the lyrics and composing the music. A music video for the track was dropped on the following day.

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