aespa Winter Under Fire for Alleged Bad Attitude Towards Her Members

Following aespa member Winter's animal abuse controversy, many have dug out old videos that prove the idol has a bad attitude.

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Does aespa Winter Have a Bad Attitude Towards Her Member?

An article titled "What do you think of aespa's Winter?" has recently received significant interest on Zhihu, a Chinese online forum. Many people dug out old instances in which Winter showed off a bad attitude, leading many to judge her character.

As a result, people have started to consider her the most controversial member due to her expressions and actions. Some have also accused her of malicious intent towards the group's two foreign members, Ningning and Giselle.

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One instance people found was back in 2020 when the girls uploaded a video to celebrate Christmas. The girl group played a game, and the ultimate winner was Giselle.

According to the rules of the game, which they discussed initially, the winner will be the one to select and pick gifts for the other members.

However, despite losing the game, Winter chose not to consult Giselle and turned to Karina, telling the latter to let her pick the gifts.

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Winter chose the ugliest sweater for Ningning. Everyone saw the sweater at the start of the game and agreed that it was the least appealing, and Ningning showed obvious discomfort over receiving the gift. Karina turned to comfort Ningning after this.

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Winter chose the nicest shirt for herself, and Giselle — the winner — was left with another odd sweater.

Winter kept asking, "Didn't you choose nice clothes for everyone?"

Finally, when no one answered, Winter, turned to Giselle and asked, "Why aren't you answering?"

Shocked, Giselle revealed that she thought the clothes were beautiful and that they suited her very well.

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Winter's attitude caused many to criticize her for being selfish, only wanting the best sweater for herself without thinking of how the other members would feel.

More Instances of aespa Winter's Alleged Bad Attitude Resurfaces

As the situation above went viral, people found more examples of Winter showing a bad attitude. For example, when they were celebrating Winter's birthday, the members decorated the background by themselves. Giselle proudly showed off a green onion she drew and was eager to show it off to the birthday girl.

However, Winter replied, "I did not see it before, sorry."

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As Giselle continued to say that she worked hard to draw the green onion, Winter did not reply and just continued to eat cake.

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To celebrate New Year, aespa played a game where they praised one another, and whoever laughed first would lose. When it was Ningning and Winter's turn, the latter said to Ningning that the lipstick on her teeth was very beautiful. This led Ningning to laugh out embarrassment. Then, when it was Giselle and Winter's turn, Winter told the former that she had two beautiful rabbit teeth.

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People criticized Winter for taking advantage of people's shortcomings and deliberately embarrassing her members just to win a game. However, except for Winter, all the compliments the other members gave were heartfelt and positive.

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Winter was also criticized for hogging the spotlight. For the group's "Forever" stage, all four members are seen seated and move to the middle when it is their part to sing. However, when Winter sat in the middle, she completely covered up Ningning in the back.

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SM Entertainment and Winter have not responded to the accusations.

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