WJSN Seola Posts New Instagram Photo but Deletes it Afterward - Here's the Hilarious Reason

WJSN Seola recently shared a photo on her Instagram account, but she deleted it later on after feeling embarrassed. Want to know the whole story? Then, keep on reading!

On Sept. 1, WJSN member Seola posted a photo on her Instagram and wrote the words "Walking into happiness" in the caption. The post seemed ordinary to most fans, but it appeared odd to an Indonesian fan, who pointed out what the writing on the door means.

WJSN Seola
(Photo : Instagram: @seola_s)

WJSN Seola Posts New Instagram Photo but Deletes It Later On after an Indonesian Fan Commented on Her Post

WJSN Seola's latest Instagram photo of a white door was still up on the morning of Sept. 3, but the post can no longer be seen on the platform in the afternoon.

WJSN Seola Instagram Post
(Photo : Xports News)
WJSN Seola's Instagram Photo that she deleted.

In the image, there was an old and broken white door with words written on it in a different language. Up to this day, Sept. 3, the photo appeared to be ordinary, however, an Indonesian fan drew attention after leaving a comment under the post, revealing what the words painted on the door mean.

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On this day, an Indonesian fan stated that the writing on the door means, "Flush the water properly after using the toilet."

WJSN Seola
(Photo : Instagram: @seola_s)

Other fans who saw the comment informed WJSN Seola of what the words on her Instagram photo mean. And so, the female idol quickly deleted the image as she feared that she might be teased about it continuously.

In WJSN's official fan café, Seola left a message to the fans, which said "I'm going to study Indonesian from now on."

WJSN Makes a Comeback + Second Sub-Unit Debuts

In other news, WJSN was one of the idol groups that returned to the music scene in the first half of 2021. The girl group released their ninth mini-album titled "Unnatural" on March 31. Chinese members Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, and Meiqi were unable to participate in the album because of scheduling conflicts.

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WJSN's "Unnatural" features a total of six tracks, including the title song of the same name. Member Exy took part in writing the lyrics for the title track, which displays the emotions a girl feels when she suddenly behaves unnaturally around the person she likes.

WJSN Unnatural
(Photo : Facebook: WJSN)

The mini-album peaked at No. 3 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart and entered at No. 126 on the monthly chart for March 2021.

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Apart from their group comeback, the second sub-unit of WJSN has been formed and they made their debut in May. The new unit is called "WJSN The Black" and is composed of four members, namely Eunseo, Seola, Exy, and Bona.

WJSN The Black
(Photo : WJSN Facebook)

WJSN The Black is the girl group's first sub-unit in eight months since the first unit, "WJSN Chocome," debuted.

WJSN The Black debuted on May 12 with their first single album "My Attitude," which features two songs titled "Easy" (Title Track) and "Kiss Your Lips."

"Easy" is a dark disco genre song that is about slowly but surely reaching out to the person they are in love with.

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