WJSN Bona Reveals She Was Stalked Home by a Man During Middle School

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Bona shares a frightening story of when she was stalked home by a man when she was in middle school. 

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WJSN Bona Reveals She Was Stalked Home by a Man During Middle School

On the June 3 episode of MBC's talk show, "Late Night Ghost Talk," Bona, a member of the girl group, Cosmic Girls, commonly known as WJSN, made a guest appearance to talk about her own scary personal experiences.

During the talk with the hosts, Bona revealed that she experienced something quite frightening when she was just in middle school. Bona said that when she was in middle school, an unknown man, who seemed to be around the age of a college student, had followed her all the way back to her home.

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"It was after school, during the evening. He [the unknown man] had asked me for my number, saying that I was his type. After turning him down, I ran to my house, but he followed me," said Bona as she recalls the experience.

Bona added that once she arrived home and tried to close the front door of her apartment, the unknown man had put his hand on the door to stop Bona from closing it completely.

Bona said that she was immediately taken aback when he did that. She then goes on to reveal that the unknown man had spoken to her. "The man said to me, 'Hey, I am really thirsty. Could you give me a glass of water?' Since nobody was home at the time, I was really scared," said the "Mo Mo Mo" singer.

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(Photo : 'Late Night Ghost Talk')

After that, Bona had used every means of her energy to try and close the door. Once she was able to close and lock the door, she immediately called her older brother and asked him to come home as soon as he could.

After hearing the story, the hosts of the show and the other guests gasped and were mortified by her story, and commented how they were glad that nothing happened to the WJSN member on that day.

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Meanwhile, Bona, along fellow WJSN members Exy, Seola, and Eunseo, made their debut as WJSN The Black, the second sub-unit of the group. They released their first single album, "My Attitude," which features the title track, "Easy," last May 12 KST. 

Prior to WJSN The Black's debut, WJSN released their ninth mini-album "Unnatural," with a title track of the same name, on March 31 KST.

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