MAMAMOO Unveils Concept Photo of The 'Best Album' Prior To Its Release

MAMAMOO, who is about to drop the "Best Album" on September 15, has additionally unveiled a concept photo.

MAMAMOO Reveals Deep Mood with Another set of Concept Photos

MAMAMOO revealed the concept photo of the best album "I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST" through the official SNS on September 6.

In the released photo, MAMAMOO featured a deeper mood by wearing brown clothes that melts their individuality. It draws attention by making an intelligent atmosphere with a calm yet gentle charm.

MAMAMOO Concept Photos
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)

Particularly, MAMAMOO added an elegant yet luxurious look with a neutral tone makeup. In each individual image, a figure of sculpting a plaster statue is drawn, exhilarating curiosity about the hidden meaning in the concept photos.

MAMAMOO Concept Photos
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)
MAMAMOO Concept Photos
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)
MAMAMOO Concept Photos
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)
MAMAMOO Concept Photos
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)

After this, MAMAMOO will release the matured concept photo sequentially after the first concept photo, which showed off the album's clear and neat charm. Meanwhile, expectations are also focused on the concept photos to be unveiled soon.

Aside from MAMAMOO's previous hit songs, the new song "SKY, EARTH, and OCEAN" and the hidden track "Obviously, We Were Good Back Then" from the 11th mini-album "WAW" are scheduled to be recorded as well.

Furthermore, MAMAMOO arranged and re-recorded their hit songs that fans wanted to hear into new versions. Collaboration songs with other artists will also be re-released as versions of MAMAMOO and it is anticipated to meet the girl group's deeper sensibility.

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MAMAMOO's Seven Successful Years to be featured in the Best Album

MAMAMOO debuted in 2014. The four-member female group has established itself as a representative K-Pop group with excellent singing skills, remarkable live performances, and unsurpassable dominance on stage.

MAMAMOO has four members with four unique personalities. They successfully achieved notable results in their solo activities. They were also outstanding as the only group that was successful in both solo and group activities with a pronoun "separately and together."

(Photo : Instagram: @mamamoo_official)

Moreover, MAMAMOO still strives to work hard. They launched "2021 Where Are We (WAW)" in commemoration of the 7th anniversary of their debut, they released their 11th mini-album, held their first virtual concert, and unveiled the BEST ALBUM.

It has been reported last August 27 that MAMAMOO will return to the music scene with their new album that features the girl group's career in the past seven years since their debut.

MAMAMOO's upcoming album will be their second release since three of the four members renewed their contract with their agency, RBW, in June.

Hwasa, Moonbyul, and Solar, renewed their exclusive contracts with RBW, their agency. However, Wheein decided to leave the agency with no further details revealed.Simultaneously, MAMAMOO celebrated the 7th anniversary of their debut last June 18 with their WAW project, consisting of a new album release, a summer concert, and a documentary.

MAMAMOO The Best Album
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)

The four-female group dropped the eleventh EP. It features songs that are all ballads. Making it their first time releasing an album that has a different genre.

MAMAMOO's "I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST" began pre-orders on various online music sales sites last September 3 at 3:00 PM (KST).

MAMAMOO will release the best album "I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST" on different music sites on September 15.

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