‘Girls Planet 999’ Contestant Huening Bahiyyih Earns Praise for Her Kind Action to CLC Choi Yujin

"Girls Planet 999" contestant Huening Bahiyyih is earning praise for her kind actions towards CLC member and fellow contestant Choi Yujin in the first elimination round. Keep on reading for all the details.

‘Girls Planet 999’ Contestant Huening Bahiyyih Earns Praise for Her Kind Action to CLC Choi Yujin
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

'Girls Planet 999' Contestant Huening Bahiyyih Applauded for Kind Actions to CLC Choi Yujin

Despite mixed opinions, Mnet's latest survival program, "Girls Planet 999," is still immensely popular internationally. The show revolves around three groups of female contestants from South Korea, Japan, and China, who share the same dream of debuting as idol group members despite differing cultures and language barrier.

Many contestants have caught the eyes of viewers, and one of them is Huening Bahiyyih. Even before the show started airing, the female contestant attracted attention due to her famous siblings. She is the younger sister of TXT member Huening Kai and former VIVA member Lea (real name Chung Lea Navvab Huening).

However, when the show started airing, Huening Bahiyyih's popularity increased, with her fancam being the most viewed among the contestants.

Huening Bahiyyih
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

Still, the idol has been on the receiving end of criticism, with people saying she was only famous due to her famous siblings and is only gaining praise for her visuals rather than talent. Additionally, many have brought up that she was highly ranked due to international fans splurging on cheap SIM cards to vote for her, leading many to believe her spot was unfairly earned.

However, it appears people's perspective of her is changing. The show's most recent episode, "Girls Planet 999," saw their first elimination and announced the current top nine contestants after the first round of the competition. Many were under the impression that Huening Bahiyyih would make the top nine due to her popularity, and many often guessed which spot she would be.

Huening Bahiyyih
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Soon, five of the top nine spots were occupied. People believe she would be in the top four, but when MC Yeo Jin Goo revealed the top four candidates, many were surprised when Huening Bahhiyih was not called. Instead, the top four candidates were Choi Yujin, Ezaki Hikaru, Shen Xiaoting, and Kawaguchi Yurina.

It was then announced that Choi Yujin ranked at fourth place, which surprised many again. Due to their shock, the contestants could only whisper and murmur among each other, and little to no contestants were seen applauding for her.

Choi Yujin
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At the time, Huening Bahiyyih looked around and saw the bewildered looks of her fellow contestants. She then spoke up and urged those around her to clap for Choi Yujin, saying, "What's wrong? Hurry, let's congratulate her!"

Huening Bahiyyih
(Photo : iQIyi (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

How Did People React to Huening Bahiyyih's Action Towards Choi Yujin?

This small action warmed viewers' hearts, with people saying that she is very quick-minded and delicate. Many believe that she had preconceptions on the ranking and did not consider one person more worthy of a spot than another. Instead, it appears she just wants to congratulate everyone who was named.

Huening Bahiyyih
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

Additionally, people pointed out that this was right after Huening Bahiyyih was not called in the top nine and when those around her visibly showed their surprise over her not making it. Therefore, many believe that though she was still sad, she wanted to congratulate the others who made it.

Many are now sympathetic towards Huening Bahiyyih. While many still believe she has much to learn, she still has the right and appropriate manners and personality to make it as an idol. People also praised Huening Kai of TXT, saying that both siblings are warm and kind.

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