BTOB Sungjae Dating Rumor: Did You Know that the 'Missing You' Singer Was Linked to DIA Jueun?

Like other K-pop idols, BTOB Sungjae also gets caught up in dating rumors, either with another celebrity or a non-celebrity person. Many fans link him to Red Velvet Joy, but aside from the "Queendom" songstress, he was also linked to DIA Jueun.

Keep on reading to know the truth behind the dating rumors involving Sungjae and Jueun.

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Did DIA Jueun Become BTOB Sungjae's Girlfriend?

Back on Aug. 13, 2018, the Korean media outlet TV Daily reported that Sungjae was dating Jueun since January of that year.

The news outlet added that the same-aged idols first met at a gathering with acquaintances. Sources stated that the two quickly became close and developed romantic feelings for each other.

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An insider claimed that BTOB Sungjae and DIA Jueun date during their free time while carrying out their busy schedules. They continued that even though the two stars are cautious of their surroundings, for an instance, is accompanied by friends, they have not been hiding their affection for one another.

DIA Jueun
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Yook Sungjae and Lee Jueun's management agencies responded to the dating rumors shortly after the news was issued.

DIA's company MBK Entertainment commented that Jueun is not dating Sungjae. The company continued that the two K-pop idols were indeed at a gathering with friends, but they are not close.

BTOB's label CUBE Entertainment also stated that the two stars did attend the same gathering, but they are not dating

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In the evening of Aug. 13, BTOB held a live broadcast on Naver's V Live as a goodbye party to the group's leader Eunkwang who was about to enlist in the military on Aug. 21.

BTOB Sungjae
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During the livestream, the keyword "BTOB" skyrocketed to No. 3 on the real-time search rankings in South Korea. While the BTOB members knew it was because of Yook Sungjae's dating rumors with DIA Jueun, they joked around without mentioning the rumor.

BTOB Sungjae then drank from his paper cup and fans noticed that there was something written on the cup's bottom. It stated "먹금" (meok-geum), which is often used to mean "Don't pay attention to nonsense words or actions."

Fans were impressed by what seems to be Yook Sungjae's response to the dating rumors about him and DIA Jueun.

BTOB Sungjae Current Relationship Status and Ideal Type

At present, Yook Sungjae is not dating anyone in public and has not announced that he is dating someone, so he is believed to be single.

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With regard to BTOB Sungjae's ideal type, he shared that he wants his girlfriend to have droopy-shaped big eyes, black and straight long hair, and is sexy but will still show her cute side.

BTOB Sungjae
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Sungjae also said that he wants his partner to have a belly button that looks good, has a slim figure, and is beautiful.

In an episode of "Master in the House," BTOB member Sungjae said that if he had a girlfriend, he would be willing not to hang out with his female friends at all. He added that he would escort her wherever she would go and would take her home when she's about to leave an event or place.

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