Where are the Eliminated 'SIXTEEN' Contestants Now? The Aspiring Idols Who Didn't Debut in TWICE

Many ONCEs know that TWICE was formed through the reality show "SIXTEEN," which is one of the most popular and unforgettable girl group survival shows created by JYP Entertainment. The show had 16 contestants but only nine trainees were given the chance to debut. Hence, where could the other seven trainees have gone to?

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"SIXTEEN" is one of the most unforgettable girl group survival shows created by JYP Entertainment as it produced the now world-renowned girl group TWICE, which is the company's first girl group in five years since Miss A debuted in 2010.

(Photo : Naver)
(Photo : Naver)

The reality show pitted sixteen trainees under JYPE against each other to secure a spot in the final lineup of the label's debut girl group, which will be called TWICE and have seven members.

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At the end of "SIXTEEN," the trainees that were able to make it to the Top 7 were Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun, Mina, Jeongyeon, Chaeyeoung, and Sana. But, JYPE added two more trainees, namely Tzuyu (who was significantly popular to the viewers) and Momo (who was eliminated but the company staff and trainers advised J.Y. Park to include her in the group).

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After these nine JYP trainees debuted as TWICE members, what could have happened to the other seven trainees that failed to be part of the girl group?

Where are the Eliminated "SIXTEEN" Contestants Now?


During "SIXTEEN," Minyoung was recognized for her confidence on stage and powerful vocals. Not to mention, she nailed the high notes of Ariana Grande's "Problem," which she performed alongside Tzuyu, Sana, and Dahyun.

SIXTEEN Minyoung
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Minyoung managed to last until the finale of "SIXTEEN" but wasn't chosen to debut in TWICE. She ultimately departed from JYP Entertainment and was reported to have returned to her home state of Washington to continue her studies.

In February of his year, the former "SIXTEEN" contestant launched her YouTube channel, and one of her first video features her introducing herself and talking about the survival show. You can watch it here!


Eunsuh is one of the JYP trainee dancing queens. She impressed everyone with her flexibility and sexy dance performance of Beyonce's "Broken-Hearted Girl" during her "1v1 Battle" with Mina.

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However, she ended up being eliminated from "SIXTEEN." Like Minyoung, he also left JYP Entertainment.

After that, Ensuh competed in Mnet's "Idol School," where she finished in 14th place, once again failing to make it to the final lineup of debuting trainees in the girl group fromis_9.

On her Instagram account, she shares dance videos showing her with other dancers.


Next, we have Jiwon, who was another "SIXTEEN" contestant that wowed the audience with her mature and strong vocal abilities, especially when she covered Lim Jeonghee's "Music is My Life" during solo battles on Episode 3.

fromis_9 Jiwon
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Jiwon was eliminated just before the finale episode of "SIXTEEN." She parted ways with JYP Entertainment and signed with Off The Record. She then participated in Mnet's "Idol School" like Ensuh, and fortunately, she was able to make into the list of trainees who would debut.

Jiwon is currently a member of Pledis Entertainment's girl group, fromis_9. She is the main vocalist of the group. The band recently made their comeback with "Talk & Talk."

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"SIXTEEN" Thai contestant Natty was prominent on the girl group survival show for her "1v1 Battle" with Momo, where she showed off a dance performance of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" - when she was just 13 years old.

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Natty was the youngest contestant on the program and succeeded in making all the way to the finals. She finished in 12th place, failing to debut as a TWICE member. She left JYPE and also participated in "Idol School" and ranked 13th on the final episode, once again missing out on debuting.

In April 2020, Natty signed with Sing Entertainment and made her solo debut in May of the same year with her single album "Nineteen."

Jeon Somi

During the "Are You a Star?" challenge on "SIXTEEN," Somi surprised everyone with her taekwondo performance set to 2PM's "Heartbeat." She was able to last until the finale of the show but failed to debut in TWICE.

Jeon Somi
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She stayed with JYPE and participated in Mnet's "Produce 101 Season 1." She successfully ranked first and debuted in the project girl group I.O.I.

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Following I.O.I's disbandment, Jeon Somi left JYPE and signed with YG Entertainment's subsidiary, The Black Label, and eventually made her solo debut in 2018 with "Birthday."

Lee Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon was the very first "SIXTEEN" contestant to be eliminated. At that time, J.Y. Park felt that she was too stiff and that she still didn't have the emotional maturity after she broken following the criticism she received for her posing for photos.

Lee Chaeyeon
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Lee then departed from JYPE and joined WM Entertainment. In 2018, she became a contestant in Mnet's "Produce 48" and finished the girl group survival show in 12th place, thus becoming a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE.

After IZ*ONE's disbandment in April of this year, Lee Chaeyeon returned to WM Entertainment as a trainee and is said to be debuting in a new girl group. She is currently competing in Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter" as a member of the team called "WANT."

Lee Chaeryeong

During "SIXTEEN," Chaeryeong made it further than her older sister Chaeyeon as she was able to go all the way to the finals. She, however, didn't make it into TWICE.

ITZY Chaeryeong
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Chaeryeong remained as JYP trainee and ultimately debuted as a member of the company's latest girl group, ITZY, who is already a very successful idol group. Lee serves as one of the main dancers of the quintet, alongside Yeji.

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