Jeon Somi Causes a Fever With Her Barbie-Like Figure

Jeon Somi is making heads turn with her Barbie-like figure and perfect physique. Keep on reading for all the details!

Jeon Somi Looks Stunning With Her Barbie-like Figure

Jeon Somi recently concluded promotions for her single, "Dumb Dumb." The female idol continuously appeared on South Korean online community forums with posts praising her appearance and beauty during the comeback period. One of the reasons why Somi was commended for her visuals is her long and straight legs.

Jeon Somi
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While she was performing "Dumb Dumb," her tight-fitting clothes helped show off Somi's fantastic physique. While many were aware that the idol was above the average height, they were surprised to find that she grew much taller than when she was active with I.O.I. Some people commented that Somi is the female artist with the most beautiful legs right now.

Many people stated that she looked like a blonde Barbie while she was promoting thanks to her hair and her figure. Prior to her comeback, Somi had revealed she was 172cm tall, which has pleasantly surprised many. Many agree that even in simple outfits, Somi manages to bewilder fans with her perfect figure as she flaunted her new body after successful dieting.

Jeon Somi
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Her impressive height and perfect legs help Somi stand out on stage, and many are now saying that Somi is the ideal definition of a real-life doll, with big eyes, blonde hair, a slim body, long legs, and milky white skin. She has the perfect body proportions that most South Korean long for, and her engagement on social media proves that her figure has attracted much attention.

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Jeon Somi Recent Activities

On August 2, Jeon Somi made a comeback with the digital single "Dumb Dumb." Upon release, the music video gained 10 million views in under 24 hours on YouTube. In two days, the music video surpassed 20 million views. Both are personal records for the female soloist.

Jeon Somi
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The song was highly successful in South Korea. On the Gaon Digital Chart, "Dumb Dumb" peaked at number 11. On the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, "Dumb Dumb" also peaked at number 11. In the United States, "Dumb Dumb" peaked at number five on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart,

The song also ranked high on the iTunes Worldwide Songs Charts. In addition, the song ranked fourth in the Philippines and Taiwan, fifth in Indonesia and Thailand, sixth in Peru and Vietnam, seventh in Malaysia, and 10th in the United Arab Emirates.

Jeon Somi
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