ASTRO ‘Footprint,’ EXO D.O. ‘It’s Love,’ and More: These K-Pop B-Sides are Masterpieces

From August 27 to September 7, Idol Champ held a poll asking their users to select the best K-pop b-sidetrack.

Keep on reading to see which songs made the top ten!

ASTRO Footprint Selected as the Best K-Pop B-sidetrack

Ranking at number one is ASTRO Footprint, which was released on August 2, 2021, as the b-sidetrack of the boy group's eighth mini-album "Switch On."

Footprint received 37.87% of the total votes cast.

The song was written by ASTRO member Moon Bin and Su Kyung. The music was composed by Nomasgood, Vendors (San), and Koliker Leandre, while Nomasgood took charge of the arrangement.

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ASTRO Footprint was initially released as a pre-release single, and ASTRO had even released a music video for the song on August 1, prior to the release of "Switch On." "Footprint" is described as a catchy song that will ring in your eyes and cause one's heart to skip a beat.

(Photo : ASTRO Twitter)

Lyrically, "Footprint" talks about ASTRO's past — their footprint. The song is bound to send AROHAs on a wave of nostalgia as they recall the past five years with the boy group.

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EXO D.O. It's Love Selected as the Second Best K-Pop B-sidetrack

Taking second place is D.O.'s song "It's Love," which was released on July 26, 2021, as a b-sidetrack to the male idol's debut mini-album "Empathy."

EXO D.O. It's Love received 30.31% of the total votes tallied.

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"It's Love" is described as a Latin-based acoustic pop song. The song described the sensation of love, how the heart feels excited and how even during exhausting days, love pushes the person to meet with their significant lover again and again.

Jo Yoon Kyung wrote the song. "It's Love" was produced by Andreas Orberg, Danny Saucedo, Cindy Gomez, and Maria Marcus. Andrea Oberg and Maria Marcus also helped arrange the song.

(Photo : EXO Twitter)

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"It's Love" was released in Korean, English, and Spanish. In Spanish, the title of the song is "Si Fueras Mía."

These are the TOP 10 Best K-pop B-sidetracks, According to Idol Champ

*Note: Percentage of votes received will be seen next to the song title

1. ASTRO - "Footprint" (37.87%)

2. D.O. - "It's Love" (30.31%)

3. TXT - "No Rules" (13.22%)

4. Dreamcatcher - "Airplane" (5.23%)

5. Park Jihoon - "LOST (feat. LILBOI)" (4.50%)

6. Red Velvet - "Pose" (3.99%)

7. THE BOYZ - "Out of Control" (1.59%)

8. ONF - "Dry Ice" (1.26%)

9. CIX - "Confession" (1.01%)

10. Golden Child - "Fanfare" (0.97%)

Did your favorite K-pop song make the top ten? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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