Dispatch Releases Transcript and Text Messages of Former AOA Members Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin

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On September 8 KST, in an exclusive report, media outlet Dispatch reveals a 128-minute long transcript and series of text messages between former AOA members, Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin (hereafter referred to as Mina and Jimin, respectively), that details what happened from 2020 up until today.

Dispatch Reveals 128-Minute Long Transcript and Text Messages Between Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin

According to Dispatch, Mina and Jimin had reconciled with each other in April 2020, after Mina attended the funeral of Jimin's father on April 3, 2020, and on April 4, Jimin had apologized to Mina. Based on the revealed text messages, Mina and Jimin had also hugged each other.

April 4, 2020 (text)

Mina: "(Omitted) The moment you said you were sorry to me, I burst [with emotions]. What if we had been closer, what if we had been more honest with each other. I feel regretful. Thank you so much for being so grateful. Jimin, I am so sorry and thankful to you. (Omitted) And don't get sick anymore. Let's be healthy. Thank you Jimin, for hugging me."

Jimin: "I love you, Mina."

Mina: "I am sorry and thankful, Jimin."

Mina: "Hug me tight next time!"

Jimin: "Of course. Don't get sick, Mina."

April 8, 2020 (text)

Mina: "Did you call, Jimin?"

Jimin: "Yeah. I just thought of you so I called."

May 12, 2020 (text)

Mina: "Jimin! I am sorry for not answering your call. I've been having a hard time these days. I didn't answer any calls that day. Don't worry though. I'll try [to answer yours]. Are you okay? Don't get sick. If we can meet next week or the week after, let's get food. We can go get drinks too."

Jimin: "Alright Mina (heart)"

Mina: "Next week or the week after, when do you like it?"

Jimin: "I think the week after will be better. Mina, are you having a hard time?"

Mina: "Yeah Jimin. I don't think I'm in my right mine these days."

Based on the other text messages revealed by Dispatch, the relationship between Mina and Jimin was on good terms. On July 3, 2020, Mina had opened up regarding the bullying. Three months after Jimin's father's funeral, the relationship between the two had returned to square one.

The members of AOA, including Jimin and former member, Choa, had visited Mina following her posts on social media.

In the two-hour-long conversation between Mina and the members of AOA, the transcript reveals that Jimin was sorry, however, she doesn't remember what she had done to Mina, to which Mina counters by saying it is not an apology if she doesn't remember anything.

July 3, 2020 (meeting in-person)

Jimin: "I am also here because I have something to say. There are things that you have accepted. There are things that I don't remember, but what you said. I am here to apologize for those."

Mina: "You don't remember, really?"

Jimin: "So I apologize for everything. I didn't know either."

Mina: "Wow."

Jimin: "I am here today to resolve the issues. I'll admit that I was wrong."

Mina: "I wish you could say something that makes sense. I know that you don't remember. Yes, I will understand you."

Mina: "Jimin, you are not at that level. Do you remember how you hit me? You hit me because I was always in front of you."

Jimin: "Where did I hit you?"

Mina: "You hit me in the chest like this! Shall I hit you the same way?"

Jimin: "Did I hit you a lot?"

Mina: "Yes."

Jimin: "I thought I only pushed you like this."

Mina: "No. You hit me with your fists. You can't seem to remember things. You didn't come here to resolve things."

Jimin: "Yes, I am here to resolve things."

The rest of the AOA members present tried to mediate the issue and share their thoughts, stating that they can't side with anyone and are not in a position to say anything. Choa also pointed out that Jimin leaving the group won't resolve anything, and as Jimin is older than Mina, she should listen to her.

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[Cont.] July 3, 2020 (meeting in-person)

Mina: "Why do you hate me?"

Jimin: "I don't hate you (crying)"

Mina: "(to the members) She was particularly harsh to me?"

Chanmi: "We can't side with anyone."

Choa: "The members are not in a position to say anything. And Jimin, leaving the group won't solve the problem. If there's something she's upset about, just listen. You are older than her."

Jimin: "I'll listen."

Choa: "Just listen."

Choa: "And honestly, how many times did we meet before a fight like this? How many times will we meet more in the future? Just listen to her and say, 'Oh that's how you felt, I was immature back then, I am sorry'."

Jimin: "I'm sorry."

Choa: "Yes, like that."

[Cont.] July 3, 2020 (meeting in-person)  

Hyejeong: "Okay, I have heard things from Mina. But Jimin can't remember anything. Now you two... (implies the members are suffering as well)"

Jimin: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry (crying)."

Hyejeong: "Mina, you need to apologize too."

Mina: "I'll apologize to the members but I don't have to apologize to Jimin."

Jimin: "Yes, you don't have to apologize to me."

Hyejeong: "You shouldn't do that."

Jimin: "I'm so sorry to all of you. I just wanted the team to do well."

Hyejeong: "I know."

During the rest of the talk, Jimin kept apologizing to Mina and the rest of the members, as she just wanted the group to do well. Following the meeting, Jimin later issued a public apology and left the group and the entertainment industry.

Although Jimin had stopped responding to her, Mina kept messaging Jimin from November 2020 to May 2021 and continued to curse her out.

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In addition, Dispatch also revealed Mina's text messages with FNC Entertainment's employees, saying that Mina may also be a perpetrator. Based on the revealed text messages, Mina had made her managers book appointments on her behalf, such as an esthetician for her mother.

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment will verify the authenticity of the report with the members.

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