[TW] Kwon Mina Claims Former AOA Member Jimin Has Four Victims, One Has Passed Away

[TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of bullying, sexual assault]

In a new post, Kwon Mina claims that Jimin bullied four people, including herself. 

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Kwon Mina Claims Former AOA Member Jimin Bullied Four People

At around midnight on September 6 KST, former AOA member, Kwon Mina, shared a lengthy post on her Instagram account to speak more about her side, where she claims that fellow former AOA member, Jimin, had bullied four people, including herself.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, "I am almost 30 [years old] and you think I can't even curse out? That I am scared by the hate comments? I am determined to succeed because of the hate comments, not that I will cry because of those. Talk as much as you want. I am better off living as myself."

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Kwon Mina adds that she used to think losing patience is like losing the battle, however, now that isn't true to her. "It became difficult to return and I was more frustrated. I might as well just continue to live as my self honestly," said Kwon Mina.

Kwon Mina
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She also says that if people think that she shouldn't live as her honest self because she is a public figure, or that they won't treat her as a public figure, Kwon Mina says she is ready to let go of that.

"There is evidence [regarding the fact Jimin bullied]. There are several victims of hers, and I just happened to be the last one standing. I have been keeping this for a lawsuit, but there are four victims including myself, and one of them has already passed away. Isn't this at the level of a perpetrator on top of assault?" said Kwon Mina.

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina stated in her appearance on the Youtube channel "JumJum tv" that only Jimin had bullied her in the group.

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Kwon Mina's Past Sexual Assault to be Investigated by Police

Back on September 1, Kwon Mina had mentioned during her appearance on "JumJum tv" that she was sexually assaulted when she was 14 years old. Following the broadcast, the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency announced that they will be launching an investigation into the assault.

Kwon Mina
(Photo : Instagram: @kvwowv)

According to the police agency, "The Woman's Youth Crime Investigation Team will be investigating former AOA member Mina's sexual assault case. As the investigation is ongoing, we cannot reveal the details."

On the show, Kwon Mina said that during her first year of middle school, a male student had sexually assaulted her, where she was also hit with a beer bottle all over her body except her face for more than four hours. 

She also revealed that the statute of limitations for the case is only until 2021, and that the perpetrator is now married with three children.

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The police began the investigation after receiving consent from Kwon Mina.

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