BTOB Changsub Reveals He Spammed Minhyuk with Text Messages While Minhyuk Was Hospitalized

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Changsub reveals he had gotten so worried about Minhyuk that he spammed him with text messages.

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BTOB Changsub Reveals He Spammed Minhyuk with Texts While Minhyuk Was Hospitalized for COVID-19

Back on September 4, BTOB made a guest appearance on KBS Cool FM's "Kiss The Radio," and during their appearance, Changsub shares the time he had spammed Minhyuk with text messages while Minhyuk was being treated at the hospital for COVID-19.

Changsub first revealed his worries when his fellow member wasn't responding to any of his text messages at the time. "When Minhyuk was being treated at the hospital for COVID-19, I was so worried. I kept texting him asking if he was okay, but he wasn't responding to any of my text messages," said Changsub.

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Minhyuk chimed in and explained his situation as to why he wasn't responding. "At that time, I was feeling very sick to the point I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even hold my phone up properly," explained Minhyuk.

While laughing, Changsub continued and said that he didn't know Minhyuk was feeling that sick, so he had spammed him with numerous text messages that said "Hyung, what is going on? Are you okay? You are alive, right? I am really worried right now."

As Minhyuk wasn't responding to him, Changsub got more worried and called one of their managers. "I got so worried and called our managers. I was like, 'I can't reach Minhyuk? Why is that? Is he okay? Can you call the hospital and ask to check if he is okay?'," Changsub said to their manager.

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Minhyuk explained what happened following Changsub's call to their manager. He explained that at the time, he felt as if he could almost die from coughing too much, and out of nowhere, the phone in his isolation room rang.

After picking up the phone with much difficulty, the nurse told him that his company staff told them that they couldn't get a hold of Minhyuk and that he should call them back. "I thought that there was some sort of problem, so I called one of our managers," said Minhyuk.

Calling one of their managers, Minhyuk laughed while recalling what they had told him. "The manager was like, 'Oh there's nothing wrong. Changsub just wanted to check on you and see if you were holding up well'," said Minhyuk.

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Upon finding out that Changsub just wanted to know how he was, Minhyuk confessed that he was touched by Changsub's worries. "It was touching. Changsub isn't the best when it comes to showing how he feels with us, and I got to know how he really feels about me. I felt really thankful as well," said Minhyuk.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk had tested positive for COVID-19 back on July 17. After two weeks of being hospitalized, he recovered and was discharged on July 30.

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