BLACKPINK Jennie, ASTRO Cha Eunwoo, and More: Taiwanese Media Outlet Names the K-Pop Idols Plastic Surgery Clients Want to Look Like

Taiwanese media outlet PopDaily named the K-pop idols plastic surgery clients want to look like. Keep on reading to see if your favorite K-pop visual made the list!

BLACKPINK Jennie, Red Velvet Irene, and More: These are the Female K-Pop Idols Plastic Surgery Clients Want to Look Like

PopDaily named three female K-pop idols plastic surgery clients want to resemble. One said idol is BLACKPINK member Jennie! Though she is not the typical Korean beauty, many people want to replicate her visuals.

(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

Unlike the Korean beauty standard, which praises large, doe-like eyes, Jennie is known for her fox-like eyes. She also has a cute, round face, contrasting the Korean beauty standard that idolizes the v-shaped jaw. Jennie's look is a mixture of sexy and sweet, and all her facial features are harmonious. Many women want the same charms as the idol, which is many have brought Jennie's photo to plastic surgery clinics.

Another female idol mentioned is Red Velvet member Irene, who is often hailed as the epitome of the female Korean beauty standard. The "original visual" of Red Velvet is known for her delicate, luxurious visuals. The idol has a small face, big, doe-like eyes, double eyelids, aegyosal, and plump lips.

(Photo : Irene Instagram)

But the feature that most people want to replicate is Irene's tall nose bridge! Her nose is not too sharp and not too large, and the lines perfectly compliment her smile and other features. The width of her nose is also narrow but not too small. So many people have asked plastic surgeons for a nose like Irene's!

The final female idol mentioned is Girls' Generation member Yoona! The idol is known for her perfectly oval face, pointed chin, and pointed nose. The feature most people want that Yoona has, however, is her big and bright eyes! Her eyes naturally exude a gentle and kind aura, which makes Yoona look innocent and inviting.

(Photo : Yoona Instagram)

Many people have asked to look like Yoona, but plastic surgeons say doing so is incredibly difficult. So you have to be born with it, like Yoona!

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo, BTS V, and More: These are the Male K-Pop Idols Plastic Surgery Clients Want to Look Like

PopDaily also mentioned three male idols that plastic surgery clients want to look like. One said idol is ASTRO member Cha Eunwoo! Known as K-pop's "face genius," the publication notes that this is the face most male customers want to have.

Cha Eunwoo
(Photo : Cha Eun Woo Instagram)

He is known as the epitome of the male Korean beauty standard has visuals that even women are jealous of! There is not just one feature people want; some people want to look as much like Cha Eunwoo as possible!

The second male idol mentioned is BTS member V! It is noted that V's visuals are a perfect blend of Western and Eastern beauty standards, making him one of the world's most handsome faces. Furthermore, his face shape and chin line perfectly match the Korean beauty standard, which is something most people want.

(Photo : BTS Weverse)

However, even plastic surgeons admit that replicating V's beauty is difficult and nearly impossible to do perfectly.

The final male idol mentioned is BTOB's Yook Sungjae! Unlike the Korean beauty standards, which favor double eyelids for both men and women, Yook Sungjae has monolids. Despite that, his eyes are huge! Many people who also have monolid have relatively small eyes, which has led numerous men to consult plastic surgery clinics in the hopes of getting eyes like Yook Sungjae!

Yook Sungjae
(Photo : Yook Sungjae Instagram)

Plastic surgeons state that eyes like Yook Sungjae's are challenging to reproduce perfectly with plastic surgery, however.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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