Samuel Kim's Rep Claims Brave Entertainment Didn't Present the Official Contract to the Idol Properly

Following the first trial, Samuel Kim's representative gave an additional claim against Brave Entertainment.

In June 2019, Samuel's lawyer told a media outlet that there have been numerous disputes between the male K-pop idol and his agency since 2018. The two main issues are said to be payment conflicts and forced participation in the CEO's personal events that were not mutually agreed upon.

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Because of these problems, Samuel Kim decided to file a lawsuit against Brave Entertainment to terminate his contract with the company. In return, the label sued the male idol for damages worth one billion won, alleging that the agency suffered damages because Samuel Kim unilaterally refused some schedules without justifiable reasons.

Apart from filing for nullification of his contract, Samuel Kim also submitted a separate criminal complaint claiming Brave Brothers of forgery, fraud, and embezzlement.

Samuel Kim's Rep Accuses Brave Entertainment of Not Showing the Official Contract to the Idol during his "1Punch" Activities

In August of this year, the first hearing for Samuel Kim and Brave Entertainment was held at the Seoul Central District Court.

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Brave Brothers

During the trial, Samuel's lawyer explained that the male idol had problems with not receiving a proper statement of accounts and uncertain income breakdown. The second conflict arose from activities as an artist that was unrelated to Brave Entertainment and his contract.

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In the latest statement given to Star News on Sept. 21, Samuel Kim's rep commented that they felt something was wrong when Brave Brothers sent the idol to the Philippines and Japan.

The representative added that Brave Entertainment never showed Samuel any official contract when he was promoting as a member of the duo "1Punch," alongside One. Shortly after debuting, 1Punch disbanded after One moved to YG Entertainment.

Samuel Kim
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The rep shared that there weren't compensations made for team damages after their disbandment. And after reviewing the contract, it turned out that there were no provisions mentioned in the contract in connection with the liability for compensation.

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Samuel Kim's rep also said that since Samuel debuted in January 2015, Brave Entertainment wouldn't show him any official statement regarding his profit and loss even when he told them it didn't matter how much it was.

They continued that Samuel barely received his financial statements, around once every three to four years. Although the idol obtained one in May 2018, it was not an official statement, and instead, it was just a print paper made unprofessionally.

Brave Brothers
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Brave Brothers

The representative further stated that after looking at the given financial statement in May 2018, there was a minus balance of 600 million won (506,339 USD) from Samuel Kim's 1Punch activities.

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The rep concluded that the main goal of the lawsuit was to terminate Samuel Kim's contract with Brave Entertainment. Once succeeded, the financial issues will be taken care of afterward.

Meanwhile, Brave Brothers' rep told Star News that they are making efforts to resolve the conflict with Samuel smoothly.

Samuel Kim's Last Release before Filing a Lawsuit against Brave Entertainment

Samuel Kim made his solo debut in South Korea under Brave Entertainment in August 2017 with his first mini-album "Sixteen."

Samuel Kim
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He also debuted in Japan as a solo artist in February 2018 with his first Japanese single, "Sixteen" (Japanese Ver.).

Samuel Kim's last release before he filed a lawsuit against Brave Entertainment is the digital single "Archive People" with Brave Hongcha, released in February 2019.

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