Media Outlet Highlights aespa’s Rapid Growth in Popularity

With aespa gearing for a comeback, many are expecting that their mini-album with be a massive hit. South Korean media outlet Star News has highlighted aespa's dramatic rise to fame. Keep on reading for all the data.

Star News Highlights aespa's Dramatic Rise in Popularity

On October 5, aespa will be making a comeback with their first mini-album Savage. This album will be the first physical album release since their debut in November 2020 and their first comeback in five months since the release of Next Level in May. Expectations for aespa are at an all-time high due to the girl's popularity.

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Next Level, to this day, has remained at the top of the charts despite having been released five months ago. Despite being released in the first half of the year, Next Level is already considered one of the best songs of the year. Upon release, the aespa song debuted at the top spot of the MelOn chart, beating out BTS's Butter.

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In addition, Next Level charted on three U.S. Billboard Charts (Global 200, Global Excl. U.S., and the World Digital Song Sales Chart). Next Level also charted in China on QQ Music, Kuwou Music, and Kugou Music.

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However, it is not just chart performance that was impressive. The addictive beat, choreography, and groundbreaking lyrics also spurred a hot reaction. Various cover videos were shared on social media, such as TikTok and YouTube, and aespa's popularity spread like fire.

aespa's popularity can easily be measured. In June and July, aespa took first place in the girl group brand reputation rankings as announced by the Korean Brand Research Institute. The girl group beat out other top groups, such as BLACKPINK and Brave Girls. Due to their popularity, aespa has been selected as advertising models for various industries, such as gaming, beauty, finance, and telecommunications.

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aespa has rapidly emerged as forces to be reckoned with in the advertising industry.

The success of Next Level has put aespa in the ranks of the industry's most popular girl groups. They are more than just a recognized rookie girl group, or a fourth-generation representative girl group' aespa has become a trend in itself regardless of generation.

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A Potential Problem aespa May Face With Their Popularity

Star News highlighted the success aespa achieved thanks to Next Level. Though they gained popularity, there are still problems that the group may face.

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One concern is how SM Entertainment will release a song that will surpass the popularity of Next Level. Their upcoming album, Savage, will include six songs, including a title song of the same name. As a result, expectations are high, and the pressure for SM Entertainment and aespa is on.

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With the popularity aespa is experiencing now, how will they live up to the hype of Next Level?

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