Collab of the Year? BTS x Coldplay Tug at Heartstrings With 'My Universe' Colorful Lyric Video

BTS X Coldplay
BTS and Coldplay for their collaboration 'My Universe'(Photo : Twitter: @coldplay)

The world-famous British rock band Coldplay has released a new song, "My Universe," which is now a hot topic for it is a collaboration with the most popular K-Pop group BTS.

BTS and Coldplay Drops My Universe Lyric Video, making it the collab of the year

Warner Music Korea announced that Coldplay's 9th regular album Music of The Spheres, the second single "My Universe", which will be released on October 15, has been released on domestic and foreign music platforms on September 24.

Coldplay members along with BTS' RM, Suga, and J-Hope were also acknowledged as lyricists and composers of the songs. It seems that BTS' participation with the group was quite enormous, including not only English but Korean lyrics as well.

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Coldplay released the official lyrics video at the same time as the song was released. The lyric video features two team's handwritten lyrics in English and Korean. The official music video is also anticipated to be released soon.

BTS X Coldplay
(Photo : Twitter: @coldplay)

On October 26, the documentary Inside My Universe will be released as well.

The song was produced by Max Martin, who is considered as one of the top hit producers in pop music. Aside from that, Martin recently worked with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. He produced last year's hit, The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights."

Now that the two sides unveiled the release of "My Universe" on social media like TikTok, BTS, and Coldplay, vocalist Chris Martin sang the chorus of the song together at the HYBE office building.

In April, Chris Martin came to Korea to work on a song. Also, Coldplay said in an interview that they made the song for BTS. However, they changed their original plans, and they will sing it together instead.

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Just recently, while BTS was on an official schedule in New York serving as a special presidential envoy, BTS met with Coldplay members, and they shared a photo that they took together and posted it on Social media. In this picture, Coldplay could be seen wearing an improved hanbok gifted to them by BTS.

#MyUniverse trends online as Coldplay and BTS unveils lyric video, touches many hearts

Coldplayers (Coldplay's fandom name) and ARMYs are ecstatic because of the excitement they are feeling about the upcoming Collab of the Year. They took to Twitter their feelings about the newly released lyric video, and they started the hashtag #MyUniverse, which is now on the number one spot on the trending topics worldwide.

BTS, Coldplay
(Photo : Twitter: @bts_twt)

Aside from that, their fans have long been waiting for the collaboration to be sung in both Korean and English languages. It could mean that both groups are reaching more fans from all over the world.

BTS just came home to Korea from New York after finishing their activities as Special Presidential Envoys for the United Nations General Assembly. While they were there, they met with Coldplay members to present them with hanboks in celebration of the Chuseok holiday. Because of this meet-up, the fans of both groups are hyping up their "My Universe" collab frenzy.

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Watch BTS X Coldplay 'My Universe' Lyric Video here:

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