NCT Mark Relationship — Have You Heard of His Dating Rumor With Red Velvet Wendy?

NCT is one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop right now, and Mark, who is in NCT 127 and NCT Dream, is one of the most popular members. With that, the idol has been the victim of numerous dating rumors. Keep on reading to learn more about Mark's relationship status and ideal type!

NCT Mark Relationship — Have You Heard of His Dating Rumor With Red Velvet Wendy?
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Did NCT Mark Date Red Velvet Wendy? + Other Dating Rumors

NCT member Mark has been rumored to date Red Velvet member Wendy since 2014, despite the five-year age gap between the two. Rumors started since both idols had resided in Canada for a large portion of their lives, which Mark himself mentioned when he reacted to Red Velvet's music video for Happiness when he was still an SM Rookie.

Mark Wendy
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The rumors stated that the two met at the same SM Entertainment audition in 2021 and became close. When they both got accepted into the company and moved to South Korea from Canada, their bond only grew stronger. Despite this being the only basis of an alleged relationship, South Korean online community forums went crazy with the rumor.

However, SM Entertainment never released a statement on the matter, and Mark and Wendy have only referred to each other as friends. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the two had never date.

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Mark was also rumored to have date former gugudan and I.O.I member Mina. This rumor stemmed since they were classmates at the School of Performing Arts (SOPA) and were both born the same year. The rumors only grew when the two were both appointed as Music Core MCs.

Mark and Mina
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Due to their sweet moments and undeniable chemistry, people speculated that the two were more than friends. The two were often seen supporting each other, laughing at each other's jokes, and helping each other with lines. The two have even done collaboration stages together!

However, it is believed that the two are simply close friends who became close due to their school life and work-life mixing. Neither SM Entertainment nor Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement, so it can be assumed that the two were never in a relationship.

NCT Mark Relationship Status + Ideal Type

As of September 2021, NCT member Mark has not been confirmed to be publicly dating. As he is busy with his solo career and activities with NCT 127, NCT Dream, and SuperM, it may be difficult for him to meet and date. It is safe to assume that Mark is currently single.

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Though single, the idol has revealed his ideal type!

According to SoMagNews.Com, Mark's ideal type is a girl with long, black hair. He wants a girl that does not take life too seriously and has a fun attitude. He wants to end up with someone with an open mind and who likes to make jokes.

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Do you match Mark's ideal type? Tell us in the comments below!

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