NCT Mark Net Worth — This is How Rich the ‘Cherry Bomb’ Rapper Is

NCT member Mark is arguably the most active member under NCT, debuting in three sub-units and SuperM. With that in mind, have you ever wondered just how rich this male idol is? Keep on reading to discover Mark Lee's net worth!

NCT Mark Net Worth — This is How Rich the ‘Cherry Bomb’ Rapper Is
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NCT Mark Net Worth

Mark was first introduced to the public on October 14 as a member of SM Entertainment's pre-debut trainee team, SM Rookies. Nearly two years after, Mark made his first debut as a member of NCT U in April 2016. That same year, Mark debuted in both NCT 127 and NCT Dream.

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Mark debuted as a member of SuperM in October 2019. This means that Mark is a member of four groups and has also carved a solo career for himself. It is not surprising that this SM Entertainment idol has raked in the dough with that in mind.

(Photo : Mark Instagram)

According to several sources, such as KpopWiki.Org, Mark has an estimated net worth of $5 million. This is due to his activities as an idol group member, solo activities, and writing credits. Keep on reading to learn how Mark earned his net worth.

How Did NCT Mark Earn Such a Massive Net Worth?

Early on in his career, Mark had started co-writing for NCT's songs. He started writing with his debut song, "The 7th Sense," in 2016, where he is credited as a co-writer. He also helped co-write the debut songs of NCT 127 and NCT Dream, "Firetruck" and "Chewing Gum," respectively, in 2016. That same year, Mark also co-wrote NCT 127's "Mad City" and NCT Dream's "My First and Last."

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In 2017, he co-wrote the song "Drop," which he performed as a contestant on Mnet's "High School Rapper." That same year, he co-wrote NCT 127's "Baby Don't Like It," "Angel," "Cherry Bomb," "Running 2 U," "0 Mile," "Whiplash," and "Summer 127." For NCT Dream, he wrote "La La Love," "Walk You Home," "Trigger the Fever," "My Page," and "Joy."

In 2017, he collaborated with EXO member Xiumin for the song "Young & Free," which he also co-wrote. That same year, he collaborated with Park Jae Jung for the song "Lemonade Love," another song Mark co-wrote.

(Photo : Mark Instagram)

In 2018. Mark helped co-write NCT U's "BOSS," "Yestoday," and "Black on Black." For NCT Dream, he co-wrote "Go," "We Go Up," "Beautiful Time," "Drippin'," "Dear Dream." and "Candle Light." For NCT 127, Mark co-wrote "City 127," "Regular (both Korean and English versions)," "My Van," "Come Back," "Welcome to My Playground," and "What We Talkin' About."

For 2019, Mark was also credited for WayV's version of "Regular" and "Come Back." For NCT 127, Mark co-wrote "Lips" and "Jet Lag."

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In 2020, Mark helped co-write these NCT 127 songs: "Pandora's Box," "Mad Dog," and "Love Song." This year, Mark also released his own solo songs, "QTAH" and "Bad Smell." He also released a song with Taeyong titled "The Himalayas." For SuperM, Mark helped co-write "100" and "Together at Home."

In 2021, Mark helped write the songs "Rainbow" for NCT Dream" and "Sticker" for NCT 127.

(Photo : Mark Instagram)

Besides his songwriting activities, Mark has had some solo TV show appearances. From February 2018 to January 2019, Mark was one of the main MCs for "Show! Music Core." In May 2018, he was a regular cast member of the MBC reality show "It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets."

In 2018, Mark collaborated with Red Velvet's Joy for the song "Dream Me," which was included in the soundtrack for the drama "Ghost Detective."

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These, paired with his activities in his groups, helped shape his net worth to what it is today!

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