'Street Woman Fighter' Rozalin Accused of Scamming and Not Returning Sponsored Items

Street Woman Fighter Rozalin
(Photo : Instagram: @rozallllll)

WANT dancer, Rozalin, is being accused of allegedly scamming dance lesson fees and failing to return items that were sponsored. 

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Street Woman Fighter Rozalin Accused of Scamming Dance Lesson Fees from a Student

Recently on September 29, an anonymous netizen on the online community platform, Pann Nate, published a post that accused "Street Woman Fighter" dancer, Rozalin, of scamming them 2.6 million won (around $2,190 USD) of dance lesson fees.

The netizen also uploaded several screenshots of the messages they sent to Rozalin, as well as the conversation they had with the dancer. According to the netizen, they revealed that they had paid Rozalin a total of 2.9 million won (around $2,440 USD) to receive private dance lessons and rent a dance studio in preparation for the netizen's college entrance exams.

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Street Woman Fighter Rozalin
(Photo : Instagram: @rozallllll)

The netizen added that they wanted to get dance lessons from Rozalin as they were a fan and loved Rozalin's dance style.

Rozalin and the netizen agreed to have private dance lessons for 1.5 hours once a week for the month of April back in 2020.

However, the netizen revealed that the private dance lessons kept getting cancelled as the weeks went by. When they confronted Rozalin and asked for a refund, Rozalin allegedly refused and stated that she had already made a choreography and paid the rent for the dance studio.

According to the netizen, Rozalin only offered to refund 500,000 won (around $421 USD).

Street Woman Fighter Rozalin
(Photo : Instagram: @rozallllll)

Based on the screenshots, the netizen and their parents have been trying to get in touch with Rozalin to ask for a full refund in a polite manner, as they have also never gotten proof that Rozalin had indeed already made a choreography.

However, Rozalin continued to refuse to refund the fees and even spoke informally.

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Rozalin Accused of Not Returning Sponsored Items

Following the accusation of scamming dance lesson fees, Rozalin became embroiled in another accusation. On September 29, a netizen made a post on another online community platform, The Qoo, where they accused Rozalin of allegedly not returning sponsored items.

According to the post, Rozalin was given PR items a few years ago. However, it seems that Rozalin did not return the sponsored items back to the Korean PR company, Pink Rain, in the agreed return time frame.

With that, Pink Rain called out the dancer on her Instagram profile, where they left a comment under one of Rozalin's Instagram post that gave a detail of the situation.

Street Woman Fighter Rozalin
(Photo : Instagram: @ozallllll)
Pink Rain's comment under Rozalin's post

Pink Rain's comment said, "Hello, this is Pink Rain. We can't seem to get in touch with you so we are leaving this comment. There has been no contact made the the deadline is way past overdue. We request that you return the item. If there are defects in the product or tag, we ask that you cover the cost. We ask that you complete this within the week. We want to reiterate the fact that you have already been informed of this. We want to inform you again that a legal proceeding is possible. Please contact us the soonest you can."

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