MAMAMOO Hwasa Workout Routine 2021: Here's How You Can Achieve the 'HIP' Singer's Hourglass Figure

MAMAMOO Hwasa is well-known for her confidence when it comes to not only performing on stage but also for flaunting her body shape. She has one of the toned physiques in the K-pop industry that many of her female fans desire to obtain. If you're one of those fans, continue reading to know Hwasa's workout routine and diet plan to get a stunning figure like hers.

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MAMAMOO Hwasa Workout Routine

Hwasa's profession of being a K-pop idol requires her to be completely fit, and for that to happen, working out tends to be an essential aspect of her daily life. The slim and toned physique the "Dingga" singer fans can see today is the result of countless hours of following a well-planned workout program.

In the past, MAMAMOO Hwasa did not have a slender figure. She used to weigh approximately 60kg.

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In an episode of MBC's "I Live Alone" in July 2019, Hwasa unveiled that she lost 15kg in about two to three months in order to debut. Thankfully, her hard work and effort paid off as she succeeded in debuting as a member of MAMAMOO.

(Photo : Instagram: @_mariahwasa)

So, what's in MAMAMOO Hwasa's workout routine that helped her burn the excess fat? The answer is cardio exercising. Some samples of cardio exercises are running, speed walking, cycling, stair climbing, and swimming.

The "AYA" singer also does a lot of dance rehearsals, which are inevitable to every K-pop idol as long as they are in the music industry. All those practices take loads of energy and give a splendid fat-burning cardio workout.

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In addition to that, MAMAMOO Hwasa's workout routine includes doing yoga or Pilates to get a much better body result.

(Photo : Instagram: @_mariahwasa)

Pilates has become the most common and popular exercise for many female K-pop idols these days, including the BLACKPINK members. Through performing an hour of Pilates every day, sexy abs and toned arms and butt can be attained.

A good thing about Hwasa's workout routine is that it does not need a person to visit the gym. Her exercises can be performed in the comfort of your home.

MAMAMOO Hwasa Diet Plan

Following an exercise routine is always paired with monitoring the amount and types of food you consume when getting your body back in shape and improving your physical health.

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In March 2019, it was revealed on KBS's "Problem Child in House" that MAMAMOO Hwasa doesn't have a particular diet plan and that she eats whatever she wants.

It can be assumed that because of her countless dance rehearsals and scheduled activities, it would be easy for Hwasa to burn the excess fat and maintain her slim figure.

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In June of last year, MAMAMOO held a fan meeting and Hwasa was asked by fans how to lose weight. Her only response was, "Just eat!"

(Photo : Instagram: @_mariahwasa)

It looks like MAMAMOO member Hwasa cares for the fans so much that she doesn't want them to starve if ever they would go on a diet, and also teaches them to love themselves no matter what their body shapes are.

However, it is important to have a healthy diet as it will do wonders not only for the body but also for the brain.

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