What Happened to Playback? The First and Only Idol Group under Tyler Kwon's Company

Playback was a K-pop girl group managed by Coridel Entertainment, a company founded by Tyler Kwon, Jessica Jung's boyfriend. The band has been inactive since February 2018 and the agency has not given any updates about them even if some members already signed with other companies. Because of this, Playback is speculated to have disbanded quietly.

In this article, we'll take a look at the five Playback members' current whereabouts.

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About the Girl Group Playback

Playback initially consisted of four members, namely Yunji, Hayoung, Woolim, and Yujin, and debuted under Clear Company in June 2015 with their self-titled single album "Playback."

In late 2015, Clear Company merged with Coridel Entertainment, and Playback was later completely managed by the latter agency.

(Photo : Playback Facebook)

In April 2017, Eunjin, who was cut from the group before its official debut, was added back. From 2015 to 2017, Playback only released two single albums and two digital singles.

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In October 2017, Coridel Entertainment announced that all five Playback members will participate in YG Entertainment's survival show "MIXNINE."

(Photo : Playback Facebook)

Only Woolim and Eunjin were able to pass the audition for "MIXNINE." However, they failed to debut in a new idol group.

After their participation in "MIXNINE," Playback didn't release new albums or songs. Their last release is "Want You To Say," their second and last single album released in October 2017.

Where are the Playback Members Now?

Former Playback Woolim

(Photo : Instagram: @ggbaewl)
Playback Woolim

In January 2019, Playback was rumored to have disbanded after member Woolim was seen in OD Entertainment's first girl group, The Pink Lady, which debuted in February of the same year.

The Pink Lady has not made a comeback since then, but their profile can still be seen on OD Entertainment's website.

The Pink Lady
(Photo : OD Entertainment Website)
The Pink Lady

However, it was announced in May of this year that Woolim signed with LeanBranding. It can be concluded that she has left The Pink Lady and OD Entertainment.

In August this year, Woolim dropped a new song, titled "Why Do You Call Me" featuring Kang Hyeyeon.

In 2017, former Playback member Woolim, alongside her bandmates, opened their personal Instagram account. She also launched her own YouTube channel.

Former Playback Yujin

(Photo : FN Entertainment Website)
Playback Yujin

After Woolim, Yujin is the next Playback member to sign with a new agency. She joined FN Entertainment as an actress under the stage name Oh Chae Yi.

At present, former Playback member Yujin remains under FN Entertainment. Based on her profile on agency's website, she appeared on the KBS2 drama "Gracious Revenge" in 2019.

You can follow Oh Chae Yi's Instagram account here to get updated on her daily life.

Former Playback Hayoung

(Photo : Instagram: @onent.official)
Playback Hayoung

Hayoung is another Playback member who left Coridel Entertainment and joined a new company. She moved into Management Nangnam as an actress in August. 2019.

While under Management Nangnam, Hayoung appeared on "On the Campus" and "To My Beautiful Woo Ri."

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In June last year, she left the agency and signed an exclusive contract with O& Entertainment, still as an actress but under the new stage name "Han Nayoung."

O& Entertainment is known to be the former home of actor Kim Jung Hyun, who left the agency this past May.

This year, Han Nayoung will play the main role in the "Drama Special Season 12: Girls," which is set to air in December and will also star Kim Sae Ron, Seo Eun Young, and Jung Da Eun.s

Former Playback Yunji

(Photo : Instagram: @yunjilee_)
Playback Yunji

After Playback went on an indefinite hiatus starting from February 2018, there were no following announcements or news about Yunji joining a new agency. Hence, it is unknown whether she's still an artist under Coridel Entertainment or not.

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Based on her biography on her personal Instagram, she is currently an idol trainer. She often posts photos and videos of her with her students.

Also, Yunji uploads pictures of her with her former Playback members, usually with Eunjin, Hayoung, and Woolim.

For more updates, you can follow former Playback member Yunji's Instagram account.

Former Playback Eunjin

(Photo : Instagram: @eunjiniayo)
Playback Eunjin

Like Yunji, fans didn't hear from Eunjin since Playback became inactive in the K-pop scene. It is uncertain whether she is still under Coridel Entertainment or she has already departed from the company.

In 2020, former Playback member Eunjin released the song "Can Do Nothing" as an original soundtrack for the K-drama "Touch."

To get updated with Eunjin's daily life, follow her Instagram account.

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