IU 'Strawberry Moon' Release Date is Drawing Attention — Here's Why

The release date for IU's "Strawberry Moon" is getting plenty of attention as it has a disadvantage on MelOn, the largest music site in South Korea.

Continue reading to know why.

IU Strawberry Moon Release Date Expected to be a Big Challenge for Korean Fans

On Oct. 8, it was announced that IU's "Strawberry Moon" will be released on Oct. 19 at midnight KST.

While the date and time of the song's release are in favor of some countries, it is a big challenge for IU's fans in Korea. Currently, Korean music sites do not release songs at midnight after a chart reorganization took place.

IU Strawberry Moon
(Photo : Instagram: @dlwlrma)
IU Strawberry Moon

In particular, MelOn reorganized its charts this past August. MelOn Company announced that the 24Hits and Recent 24Hits will change into the TOP100 and Recent charts.

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The new MelOn TOP100 chart will be calculated 50% based on usage from the last 24 hours and 50% based on usage from the previous hour. However, from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m., when users are in small numbers, the chart will be 100% based on usage from the past 24 hours.

All songs that will rank on the TOP100 chart will have the number of listeners tallied from the past five minutes, previous hour, and last 24 hours unveiled via the Chart Report.

IU Strawberry Moon
(Photo : Instagram: @dlwlrma)
IU Strawberry Moon

Given that IU's "Strawberry Moon" release date is at midnight KST on Oct. 19, this means the song will not appear on MelOn for eight hours. It will only land on the chart at 8 a.m. KST with the number of listeners accumulated in the first hour after it was dropped at midnight.

Meanwhile, "Strawberry Moon" will be IU's first release in seven months since her album "LILAC" in March this year.

On Oct. 17, the music video teaser for IU's upcoming single was revealed. Check it out below!

IU Becomes the Artist with the Most Entries on The Latest Billboard K-pop 100

In other news, IU became the artist with the most entries on this week's Billboard K-pop 100.

On Oct. 13, Billboard updated their website and revealed the latest rankings of all their charts for the week ending on Oct. 16.

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On Billboard K-pop 100, IU has 12 songs chart, two of which are inside the Top 10. "NAKKA" by AKMU and IU claimed the No. 2 spot, while "LILAC" ranked No. 9.

IU Celebrity
(Photo : IU Instagram)
IU Celebrity

The other 10 IU songs on the Billboard chart are "Celebrity" (No. 16), "Through the Night" (No. 28), "Love Poem" (No. 35), "Eight" (No 40), "Blueming" (No. 45), "Ah puh" (No. 51), "Coin" (No. 77), "Autumn Morning" (No. 80), and "My Sea" (No. 90).

Most of IU's songs on the Billboard K-pop 100 come from her latest studio album, "LILAC," which was released this past March.

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(Photo : IU Instagram)

"LILAC" is IU's fifth full album and contains a total of 10 songs including "LILAC," "Coin," "Celebrity," "My Sea," and "Ah puh," all of which entered this week's K-pop 100 chart.

In the month of its release, IU's "LILAC" peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard World Albums chart and No. 18 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart. It even peaked at No. 63 on the Billboard Japan Hot Albums chart.

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