ITZY Yuna Reveals Her Exact Weight on ‘Bubble’

ITZY member Yuna revealed her actual weight in kilograms to fans on the idol platform Bubble. Keep on reading for all the details.

ITZY Yuna Reveals Her Exact Weight on ‘Bubble’
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ITZY Yuna Shocks People With Her Actual Weight

On October 15, ITZY member Yuna took time out of her day to communicate with fans on the fandom application Bubble. While communicating with fans, the idol revealed her exact weight in kilograms. The LOCO songstress revealed that she currently weighs 46.8kg. This has shocked many, as the idol is 170cm and is the tallest member of her group.

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Yuna is known for her tiny waist, yet many were still shocked by how light the idol is. With the surprising reveal of her exact weight, several media outlets in South Korea commented on how effectively she manages her weight.

As ITZY is currently actively promoting, Yuna is known to exercise through the group's regular dance practices.

(Photo : 129² @yuna129square on Twitter)

As an idol, she practices nine to ten hours a day, five days a week, during ITZY's promotional period. However, when ITZY is not promoting, she most likely practices for four to five hours a day. ITZY's choreographies are known to be difficult and require lots of body strength, which probably helps in Yuna's weight management.

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Yuna is a big foodie who loves pasta, hamburgers, pizza, and beef. Her favorite snack is french fries, and her dinner is usually a salad with chicken. With her enormous appetite, it is surprising that the idol maintains her weight. However, she is still growing, and she likely has a fast metabolism.

(Photo : 129² @yuna129square on Twitter)

Upon the reveal of her weight, many people marveled at how skinny the ITZY member is. While many praised her outstanding figure, many also hoped she maintained her health and ate well.

Furthermore, many also hoped that JYP Entertainment was not forcing the ITZY members to lose weight for aesthetic appearances only.

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ITZY Recent Activities

ITZY released their first full-length studio album CRAZY IN LOVE  on September 24, 2021. The album debuted at number two on the Gaon Album Chart. In the United States, CRAZY IN LOVE debuted at the top of the Billboard World Albums Chart and Independent Albums chart. Additionally, the ITZY album debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200.

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The title song, LOCO, debuted at number four on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. On the Global 200, LOCO debuted at number 44.

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