TWICE Jeongyeon Trends Worldwide After Photo of Her Weight Change Went Viral

After screenshots of TWICE member Jeongyeon's weight change went viral on social media, the idol's name trended worldwide on Twitter. Keep on reading for all the details!

TWICE Jeongyeon Trends Worldwide Following Screenshots of Her Weight Change Went Viral

On October 16, screenshots of TWICE member Jeongyeon from The Feels behind-the-scenes music video went viral. The photo quickly spread from South Korean online community forums to Twitter, catching the international K-pop community's interest. Soon, Jeongyeon's name topped the worldwide trends on Twitter.

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Jeongyeon's sudden weight changes, which are most likely brought about by her medication for her herniated disc and panic disorder, have caused fans to worry for the idol during her hiatus periodically. When the screenshots went viral, fans and non-fans alike revealed how shocked they were by her current condition.

While some took the time to insult the idol, a wide majority of people empathized with her.

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Many took to Twitter to share kind words to Jeongyeon. People took the time out of their day to tweet out messages of support and encouragement for the TWICE member. People wished her good health, while others decided to compliment her unwavering beauty.

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Jeongyeon's name also trended because of TWICE's sixth anniversary. Despite her absence from group activities, she penned a handwritten for ONCEs to celebrate the group's anniversary. In addition, she thanked fans for their constant love and support. As Jeongyeon has been absent from schedules, her letter has received love from ONCEs worldwide.

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TWICE Jeongyeon Draws Concern Following Weight Changes

Since Jeongyeon's first hiatus is 2020, the idol has drawn concern for her sudden weight gain and loss. In January 2021, Jeongyeon returned from her first hiatus and performed with TWICE at the Seoul Music Awards. At the time, Jeongyeon surprised people with her weight gain.

However, she was not criticized for her weight, with many just happy she was back with the group.

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For Alcohol-Free, Jeongyeon lost 8kg for promotions. Following the weight loss, the idol appeared tired while performing on stage. This caused people to worry that the quick weight loss took a toll on her body, especially since she was still taking medications.

(Photo : SBS KPOP YouTube)

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She then caused worry again following The Feels, after screenshots from the behind-the-scenes video went viral. Many are hoping that she is focusing on her health and that she is prioritizing her health. People are also defending the idol from hate comments on social media, with people educating the public that the weight gain is due to her medication.

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